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Monday, December 26, 2016

La Segunda Navidad

Yesterday I passed my second Christmas in the mission, and the last one feels just weeks behind. I was pretty tired through all of it because the club across the street from our house was open and loud ALL NIGHT on Christmas Eve. I didn't eat as many tamales as last year, but I did get to eat a bit of turkey, so I can't complain at all.

The week honestly wasn't very fruitful because everbody was too busy celebrating and housing relatives that had come far to help the missionaries. However, we were able find some positive people and work with the members. All in all it didn't feel much like Christmas, but it was nonetheless unforgettable. 

I hope that we can all maintain the spirit of love and service that we have during this season throughout the coming year and therefore be the disciples that our Lord needs. The church is true. -Elder Davis

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I can't believe that Christmas is just a week away. As I said the year before... it doesn't feel like Christmas due to the lack of snow and American Christmas traditions, but I think the tamales will do. I received my packages and loved what they had for me; I probably should have waited until Christmas day to open them, but patience is still something that needs some work. Thanks.

The Christmas initiative is all based on service and therefore we have been doing a lot. We have especially been doing a lot of construction work. Because we aren't professionals we have really been doing a lot of carrying and unloading which has got me some decently callused hands. We also had a multi zone conference with President Goodman which was very uplifting and we ate some delicious food at the end as we always do.

The work will be pretty slow for these next two weeks especially because both Christmas day and New Years fall on Sundays... which means it will be almost impossible to get people to church. Yet we have a lot of people that are progressing that have attendances and will be able to be baptized in January.

I hope you can all strive to follow the example of our Savior in this wonderful season to "light the world" with your love and faith, serving all of those in need. In reality it isn't difficult since we all have necessities both temporal and spiritually. The church is true. I love you all.

-Elder Davis

Monday, December 12, 2016

San Rafael

Elder Flores and I are here in San Rafael working hard with the people we have progressing (Elder Zepeda left in transfers). There is a very poor family family of five that attended last Sunday, however they didn't attend this week because the husband is part of an obligatory council in his village and had a meeting. yet there are several other investigators attending that are vey close to being baptized but need  to either accept a date or get married (its rare that people be married here).

I get along great with my companion, he is very positive, patient and relaxed which is a great contrast to my last comp. The only bad thing is that he is from the states and we speak a lot of english... but we are good about speaking only Spanish outside of the house.

The members in the branch are great and have been working with us a lot. Our mission leader just got home from his mission and is great! We will have a lot of success with these members.

Thank you all for the love and support. The church is true and work marches triumphantly onward.

-Elder Davis

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Emergency Transfer

Well, I have finally left Palo Gordo... Thursday night I was called at 9 PM. The transfers came with mixed feelings, especially because I really wanted to see the baptisms coming up. Yet, the lord knows best.

My new are is San Rafael, Zona Malacatan. I am close to San Pablo where I started my mission!
I am in a trio until transfers (the 6th). My comps are Elder Flores from Arizona and Elder Zepeda from El Salvador. We have alot of really positive investigators and 13 of them attended this Sunday... A big change from Palo Gordo!

More next monday. Thanks for the loving support. The church is true.

-Elder Davis

Monday, November 28, 2016

una visita de Elder Ocampo

A few photos that my comp took this week. The girl that was baptized in the District is named Lourdes and is an AMAZING convert..

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Yesterday was Stake Conference and we were visited by an Area Seventy named Elder Ocampo. He brought a strong spirit to the meeting and I was especially uplifted. He spoke primarily about the family and explained that the second most sacred place after the temple is the home. It got me thinking a bit about my post-mission life... but I promise I'm not trunky!

As for the work, this week was a bit rough, especially because my comp is already really discouraged with our area and doesn't want to work... not even a little bit... and he has only got a month in the area, whereas I have more than 7. It's a constant struggle to get him to obey as well. In the mission you learn to get along with and even love any kind of person.

We have two baptismal dates right now, scheduled to be baptized the third, we are praying that everything goes smoothely.

The church is true and every trial does us good. Love ya. -Elder Davis

Monday, November 21, 2016

¡Dia de Accion de Gracias! (Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving is coming up, which has got me pretty excited. He see turkeys all over the place here, but I have just about forgotten what they taste like... We will be celebrating with the Mission President and his wife, which could mean we will be eating some pie... I hope that is the case, even though it may not be a strawberry rhubarb pie.

In these days my comp and I have two fechas to be VERY grateful for, they are two single mothers that I have been teaching for sometime, and finally they accepted a date. They have been attending and will be baptized the 3rd.

The Church is true, the Lord never loses sight of us no matter how far we may venture off the way. Love ya lots, happy Thanksgiving!

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

El tiempo se va demasiado rapido....

I try not to count the time I have in the misison but the people and the other missionaries always ask or remind me... I had no idea that these 2 years would go by so fast.

This week came and went in the same way. On Tuesday we went to the family Thomas Chuk that had attended 2 Sundays in a row and we were sure that they would accept a baptismal date, however, they heard a testimony of the work for the dead and just couldnt accept the concept... we invited them to pray and they said they would; I am praying that hey might recieve a testimony of the Restoration. Unfortunately we couldnt get them to church this Sunday. We also met a young man named Raul in a bus and began talking about the Restoration, he told us that he didn't attend any church and had always wondered which was the true church. He understood everything we taught him and read The Book of Mormon, but he then told us in the following visit that he didn't feel anything and that he didn't feel a desire to attend church. We also put a baptismal date with a lady named Martha... yet, when we tried to follow up with her she hid and lied to us when we found her in the street. All in all the week was going pretty bad until I had an exchange with a Mexican elder named Elder Torrez. We had a vey spiritual day and found some very positive people, and as we worked we chatted about our areas, the mission and many other things. I have known this missionary for a while and he is honestly one of my best friend in the mission, but I had never realized just how humble and willing he was. When the people rejected us and told us that what we were teaching was a lie he kept smiling and working with the same enthusiasm. He told me that no matter how bad things got he kept enthusiastic because he was grateful for the fact the he had a testimony. I didnt think i would learn so much from the example of a 6 month missionary... He even shined my shoes the next morning. it was a humbling experience that was much needed.

On Sunday we showed up to church without any investigators, but to our surprise two young mothers that I have been inviting for a long time showed up! They liked the church and felt the spirit. I am hoping that they accept a date and make the commitment.

Well, this week was a humbling one and I am reminded of a concept that I read somwhere that states that the formula for happines is Gratitude + Humility = happiness. I know that that is true. I love you all and I pray that you may apreciate and be grateful for what you have, especially your testimonies. The Church is true. -Elder Davis

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

las hermanas de veras son pilas

Super spicy chile called chile porron, my comp was crying.... but it was delicious, I ate 3 plates of it.

This week we had a multi-zone conference with Presidente Goodman that was very uplifting which was badly needed. In the meeting the assistants promised us that we could put a baptismal date that night, when we got home we did just that. My companion and I were so happy; unfortunately, the lady ended up having to go to the capitol to stay with a sick relative, but she committed to read the Book of Mormon  while away, therefore, we are hoping to get her to church and then in the water once she returns. On Sunday we had a family in church, the Thomas Chuk family, it was their second attendance so we are hoping that they will accept a baptismal date this week.

The sisters in Alameda baptized an awesome convert on Saturday named Leticia. She made a lot of sacrifices in order to be baptized; the interview was awesome.

Well I am out of time again.... I love you all.  -Elder Davis

Monday, October 31, 2016

A Strange Turn of Events

So... I am still in Fat Stick, and Elder Figueroa had transfers to everyones surprise. My new comp is Elder Mendoza from El Salvador; my 2 other comps from El Salvador were pretty rough and ended up getting sent home for disobedience (amongst other things) but I have faith that my new companion will be different. He was in the district before transfers and was a bit problematic and very lazy, however, thus far, we are getting along well and have found some very positive people. In the mission I have learned to find the good in every person and have found a lot of good in Mendoza. He is especially good at gaining the affection of the members, which will serve him very well in this area.

On Friday we had a leadership meeting in Malacatan, my first zone. Due to a bike race the roads were blocked and we had to leave very early in the morning, therefore we arrived 5 hours before the meeting started. Elder Cancino, Elder Holland, and I got permission to go to San Pablo and see the members and our converts before the meeting started. If you remember right we three were together there. It was a ton of fun and made me realize just how much time I have in the mission... So much had changed.

Well, iI am out of time. I love you all.... The Church is true.

Elder Davis

Monday, October 24, 2016

Una Semana Mas

This week was a success because a less active that I have been trying to get to church since I arrived attended this Sunday. We also had two investigators, one of which I have been inviting for just as long. A recent convert family that we have been working with attended for the second time after a long period of almost complete inactivity; they even committed to be a missionary family this week, or in other words, they will give referrals and contact them with us. 

Tomorrow the transfers will be announced and it is very possible that I will leave Palo Gordo. Due to the length of my stay here and the good comp that I have the change would be a bit tough, however, I am ready for a change. I especially hope I have a Latino comp this time around.

Even though I have not baptized here, I love the area and the people because of all they have taught me. I have done more development of the Christlike traits here than in any other, nonetheless, it has been incredibly difficult on some occasions to stay diligent and enthusiastic. Yet, it all gets easier with practice. I feel that the things that I have learned and improved here will allow me to be a much more efficient tool in the Lord's hands in my area to come, and not to mention, after the mission. I am loving the mission and being a member of this TRUE CHURCH. I love you all. 

-Elder Davis

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Baptism

I finally had the opportunity to get back into a baptismal font! The man that was baptized is from Soche (the sisters area that was in my district) and I had the opportunity to teach him twice about a month ago and for some reason he wanted me to baptize him. If you remember he is the man that has the special needs child named Woody. His wife was baptized 2 weeks ago, therefore the family is all-member and preparing for the temple. This family is very special and I was so happy to have been able to see their conversion.

In Palo Gordo we have been focusing in finding new people and working with the more dedicated members, so far we have seen results. On Saturday we found a very positive family and surprisingly the dad is the one that wants to learn the most. He asked a lot of good questions in the first lesson and understood very well what we taught; the spirit was very strong. I believe his biggest obstacle will be taking time out of work to attend church.

I will likely have transfers this time around and even though I really like my current comp, am hoping to be sent with a latino. 

The mission is teaching me a ton and  treating me relatively well ;). The Church is true and Christ lives.¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Davis

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weeks Gone By

This week was yet another flash of time in history. Pedro is no longer progressing because he has some weird ideas about the Holy Spirit and resurrection. Right now we are working with three really cool families that are interested and they are even related to some good members of the branch. We had some very spiritual lessons with them, however, getting the people to leave their crops and animals on Sunday seems almost impossible sometimes... Yet, the miracles don't come until after the trial of your faith. Manuela is also reading the Book of Mormon and showing a lot of positivity but she has had a hard time making it to church because her 5 month old baby has been really sick.

My comp and I are getting along really well and doing our best to stay animated and be obedient. He is very obedient and a good example which helps me improve daily. I have got him saying and doing a lot of the goofy things I do. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, but we have fun.

Tomorrow we will have interviews with President Goodman which I believe will be very motivating: I hope to learn a lot.

Being District Leader is trying me, especially because my area needs to be the model area and we are having a difficult time getting it up to that standard. Also, some of the elders are not getting along with their comps. Notwithstanding one area is preparing A MIRACLE FAMILY for baptism. I am very excited to work with them more.

This P-day was pretty fun and the little distraction I needed to get me a little de-stressed. We played volleyball and ate carne asada.

I have started to make the development of a different Christlike attribute party of my weekly goals. I am currently striving to be more diligent in order to be more constantly in tune with the Spirit to work the Lord´s way. Keep me in your prayers and know that the church is true. 


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In the Refiner's Fire

Palo Gordo is trying me in more ways than any other area that I have had. Baptismal dates fall and  it seems almost impossible to get people to leave the corn behind for at least an hour to attend church. We have many people ready and willing to attend conference which I thought would be a game-changer, but they were all working with their harvests or washing clothes... Pedro couldn't make it either because he was feeling dizzy. However, the  most disheartening was that Marcos told us that he doesn't want anything to do with the church due to the very poor example of the members who not once visited him, not even upon being committed to do it by us.

Elder Figueroa and I are praying that we can get two families that we are working with to church on Sunday.

I absolutely loved conference and was able to recover a lot of the spiritual strength I have lost in the past months. I was also able to learn a lot about the love and mercy my Savior has for me and the power of his infinite atonement. I would like to expound upon what I have learned but I am already about out of time. (The computer I am using has horribly sticky keys...)

The church is true. -Elder Davis

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beloved friends and family

This week was full of spiritual lessons. We didn't find a ton of people, but those we found were all very positive; we even found some families (that give us MEALS whenever we visit)! All of the people we found are from the same village and, unfortunately, the ENTIRE village was invited to a birthday party that was held on Sunday, and where there may be free food... alli esta la gente... and cake and tamales are a bit more enticing than the sacrament in the mind of he that hasn't been taught.

Our investigator Pedro attended once again, to our surprise, because we weren't able to go and get him Sunday morning and he lives pretty far away and is a very much elderly. I was giving a talk when I saw him enter in the sacrament room and just about started crying because no other investigator had shown up. I am really hoping he gets baptized. The rough part is that the members aren't very pilas at fellowshipping investigators here.

This week I got a little down and didn't have a very strong desire to teach, however, upon praying the Lord helped me recover my enthusiasm and speak with everyone. The power of prayer is real and the church is true. Love y'all lots. Que Dios me los bendiga.  -Elder Davis

Tell Trey to write me and send me pics. and Parker too... fools.

Monday, September 19, 2016


The Americans I met in the supermarket

Cow hoof (que rico)

Lunch in the market with some investigators from Samayac that made a surprise visit

Don't worry I didn't have transfers, however, many from the zone did and my district has been completely changed. I now have two more areas to help and no hermanas... just elders... bummer. The hermanas always worked hard and were respectful, on the other hand the elders... yet if it were always easy there wouldn't be any improvement. 

Marcos still doesn't want to get baptized and the members never live up on their commitments to visit him. I love that kid a ton and it pains me that he won't take the step. We also have an 80 year old man that is progressing, his name is Pedro and he is an old-school Guatemalan farmer that likes to talk about the good old days and cracking jokes. He is very kind and humble and actually looks a bit like Grandpa Dorman. He attended church Sunday and had a great time because he is good friends with some of the old folks in the branch and says he will keep coming. He is praying to know that the Church is true and be baptized. Manuela unfortunately couldn't attend this week due to the fact that she had gone out of town to visit family. This week we found lots of positive people and we're hoping they progress.

My new zone leader is Elder Cancino, my trainer! It was so good to see him again and catch up. He has changed a lot and has a lot to teach me. We love to bug each other though...

Thanks for all of the loving support, and remember "the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God". The Church is true. -Elder Davis

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hardest Time I have Ever Loved!

This week was full of disappointments as investigators stopped progressing, the members didn't keep their commitments, and pastors wanted to argue with us... However, it was full of miracles as well. The Elders In my district baptized an amazing family of 6 people! They were all so humble and willing to submit themselves to the will of the Lord. I believe that my favorite part of the mission right now is doing the baptismal interviews, it is an incredibly spiritual experience that I had not previously had. We also spent a few hours with the Hermanas and taught another wonderful family that has a special needs child named Woody who is constantly smiling and happy. His parents are also very happy people in spite of the fact they are very poor. All those that live in the house have the desire to be baptized, therefore I am looking forward to see them make that step.

Also, President has now given us an hour to write once again!

On Monday while doing a bit of shopping my companion and I ran into some Americans, it turns out they were members of the Church. They were here working with an organization called Maya Relief Organization and do a lot to improve the quality of life for many here in Guatemala. The Chairman, Leon Reinhart, is a good friend of Richard D. Hansan and has even participated in some of his excavations. He told me that he has visited hundreds of sites and has been to El Mirador many many times. It felt so good to talk a bit about what I love; the man probably thought I was nuts because I was shivering with excitement while speaking with him... Anyhow, I invite you all to look into the organization and help out if you can, the people here really need it.

I am learning more than I ever have in life and thank God for the trials with every prayer. Everything that is put in our way if there for our eternal progression. The Church is true and God loves ALL of his children. -Elder Davis

P.S. We can only take photos on Monday and in baptisms... I will try to take more photos.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Una Semana Mas

This week went by fast but at the very same time I feel as if last Sunday was a year ago. We found some positive people this week, Manuela is especially positive and read the Book of Mormon upon the first invitation. She understood it very well and told us that she felt as is she were coming home while reading it, or in other words, as if she were returning once again to the presence of God! My heart was filled with joy to know that someone was actively searching for the truth. She even attended church on Sunday. Now we just got to get her husband on board. The members are also starting to work a bit more with us. It is wonderful to see their willingness to do that which the Lord has asked, especially because the members "mas pilas" are the poorest of them all. The ones that have cars and nice houses are rarely willing to help us out.

This week I have been reading "Our Search for Happiness" and have really come to understand that the aim of this gospel is to make us happy, genuinely and eternally. I love the Scripture in Alm 37 that says that if we will but follow the words of Christ in faith we will be carried beyond this vale of sorrows to a promised land! The Church is true!

Photos: Elder Alonzo with his wife, Maíz, a mayan grinding stone that a member found and made into a water trough for his chickens. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The latest from Elder Davis

The mission now only allows us to write for 30 minutes, and that is not counting the time used to write President and send in data, and read what I receive! So... Get used to REALLY short letters. I will try to send more fotos to compensate.

This week came and went like a flash, we found some positive people and had some great experiences with them. Marcos has been reading the Book of Mormon every night and is always able to tall me what he has read and what it teaches about the gospel... I keep telling him that he has to put it in action and get baptized. He wants to but his family is really negative. They now don't even let us in the house to teach him. The good thing is that we have written permission...

A man told us the other day that the pastors have told their congregetions that its a sin to talk to us... explains a lot.

On Thursday Elder Alonzo, a seventy, came and had an awesome conference with us. I will send the pics next week. 

The Church is true and resilience pays off if you do it with faith and good cheer. I love you all.

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This week from Elder Davis

Family and Friends,

The mission is flying by as you all have heard it does once the year mark is hit. I wish that wasn't the case but all I can do is take advantage of the little time I have left In this part if the Lord's vineyard. This week was one full of rejection and and pushing along lethargic members. In any mission the most effective way to work is with the members. I have come to realize that truth time and time again in the mission; mostly due to the lack of success I have had when the members haven't been supportive. Right now the members of Palo Gordo are very careless and the few references we have been given haven't been very positive. Therefore we did lots of contacting this week which didn't give much fruits. Nonetheless I will have some good rejection stories to tell. I was having a pretty tough time blaming myself for the lack of success, yet when I read in PMG that no teaching experience, be it fruitful or not is appreciated by the Lord. I also read about the sons of Mosiah that at times had little to no success but were faithful even so. And after having persevered for a time they were blessed with abounding success! It is all about diligence, which is a synonym of CONSTANCY and the key to learning the lessons we need to and have the success that we all yearn for. Only if we diligently do as the lord asks of us will we learn and grow in the way that He knows we need to. Our loving Heavenly Father knows what is the very best for His children and diligent obedience is how we do just that. The Church is true and faith is prosperity! -Elder Davis

PS. Please pray for Marcos

Monday, August 15, 2016

Una Mision Muy Enferma...

With Elder Figueroa
An average Guatemalan Dog... that somehow got into our house

The past week was full of trips and sickness for the mission. Here in San Marcos we had to go to Malacatan for a multi-zone conference, and the leaders had to go to Reu as well. The conference was on Wednesday and was very inspiring. We were also fed a delicious lunch ...which made EVERYONE present sick. The best part was that 2 other elders and I had to travel 4 hours on a bumpy road in a crowded bus the next day, and we all had severe diarrhea. It was honestly miserable, nonetheless I managed to return to San Marcos with the same pair of pants! There is the week for you all. Yet, in spite of all of that I was able to learn a lot in the reuniones that were had.

An interesting experience was had as well this week. We were chopping wood for a lady in the Branch, when I heard a man yell, "¿Esta ser Tu Casa?, in a thick British accent. I turned around to see who had spoken and saw, standing in the street bare-foot, a tall skinny blonde man. I walked over to greet him and he told me that he had been in Central America for several year teaching the people that you can purify water with love alone... He actually did have some interesting evidence, but it was weird nonetheless. We later walked to the market where we parted ways. I had offered him a pair of shoes that were left by some past missionary in our house, but he told us that he didn't like to wear shoes.

Marcos should finally be getting baptized soon, he already has attended church 6 times and is planning on going to the temple on Saturday with the youth. The hard thing is that his family members don't receive us. Satan is also working hard to make sure he doesn't feel the spirit, whether it be horror movies, arguing parents, or obnoxios youth members, there is also ways something that distracts him when we are trying to teach him. Yet he is pilas and has the desire; he will do it by the end of the month.

Thanks for your love and support, Sigan brillando aun mas! - Elder Davis

Monday, August 8, 2016

Una Nueva Mision

The mission is taking some drastic changes. Just about every aspect of missionary life has been affected. We can't even listen to classical music now; I am really missing my Bach cello suites... The interviews don't seem to end either, luckily, I haven't had another but every day I hear about elders and sisters that go to Reu. We are all walking on thin ice. Beyond that almost every companionship has had changes, including my own. My new companion is Elder Figeroa from Utah, thus far we get along really well, however, I have come to dislike speaking English, as weird as that may sound. Yet I know that we will work hard together and there is something I must learn from him, I simply won't be making much headway in my spanish.

With the start of the new transfer I was called to be District Leader... I honestly feel a bit unprepared, although the Lord prepares the way and the means. I am looking forward to the many unique and new experiences that I will have in the new position.

Estoy brillando y disfrutando de las ricas bendiciones del Señor! La Iglesia es Verdadera y no existe nada que puede estorbar los fines de nuestro Dios! Les amo a todas y espero que puedan ver la mano del señor que seguramente se ve en sus vidas también. -Elder Davis

PS. If anyone has leadership advice for me it would be much apreciated

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This Week from Elder Davis

Family and friends,

Marcos didn't end up getting baptized this week to to the fact that those that live with him told him that he wasn't prepared the night before the service... he will still be baptized this month. Sometimes I feel like we push a lot but the the demand to achieve our monthly goals is high in the mission. However I strive to be patient with my investigators and really treat them in an inspired manner. Our previous mission president focused A LOT on numbers and sheer output and the mission ended up being very disobedient, but high-baptizing. The sad part s that the majority haven't stayed in the church. President Goodman has really been tightening the bolts on the mission and I feel that it will improve drastically, but its really hard on those that are disobedient. Several missionaries that have been leaders or have a lot of time in the mission are now minor companions... Y murmuraron en extremo... I have even been interviewed twice, likely because of the lies that my second-to-last comp told to the mission president. Notwithstanding I predict that there will be lots of good changes in the near future.

Tomorrow there will be transfers once again and many friends that I have made in the Zone will likely leave. My comp could even have changes. I am a bit worried about the changes that might be made because I like the zone the way it is, we are all very united. Well I am just about out of time the leaders are really strict on writing time, but the Church is true and the spirit can show us ALL of the things that we must do. I love you guys. -Elder Davis
The Gang, 

Im really looking forward to the upcoming baptism of Marcos and praying my guts out that nothing goes wrong! He is an incredibly special person and a very strong spirit. A part from him we also have the three young girls I told you about last week. Unfortunately they weren't able to make it to church this Sunday, but nonetheless they are reading, praying and showing a lot of desire. What we are really lacking right now is support from the members. The other night the Branch President told us that he wants to be released, and when asked to make some visits with us the Young Women's President told us it wasn't her responsibility... it was/is very frustrating but we are working through it; doing what we can to motivate them as lovingly as possible.

We are working with a lot of youth, which is a ton of fun, however I am still yearning to baptize a FAMILY! Its something I want to see so bad. The hard thing is that it is almost impossible without the members. My district leaders area has the most dedicated members and help the missionaries find and baptize people every month, and this month they have got an amazing family getting baptized! In life, if we are not careful, its very easy to miss the graceful miracles in our lives watching only those in the lives of others. We are all beloved children of God and, as any good father does, gives us graces and trials alike. Gratitude has been an escape from despair and negativity experienced in my life and has allowed me to see the hand of my Father. I know and testify that he does the same in all of your lives and that if you can but take a moment to think you will see it as well. The church is true. I LOVE you all. -Elder Davis

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This week from the Great Elder Davis

Friends and family,

Things are finally starting to look up in Palo Gordo. We had five investigators in the chapel this Sunday and they loved it. Three of them were young women that he had found only Saturday; I was surprised at how  great the youth of the Branch were with them. They seem to be really positive and their families don't attend a church, therefore we are hoping that they might investigate the church as well. Our baptismal date, Marcos, is doing good, but wasn't able to make it to church this Sunday which has me a bit worried but Im trusting in the Lord that all will go well. Last week we were worried about getting permission to baptize him because his dad is never in the house, and we had been told it would really difficult to et a hold of him. Yet on Tuesday I had no Idea where to go work whereas we didn't have any appointments. After a prayer I felt that we needed to go contact a reference that I had all but forgot about who ended up not even being home. However, on the way to the house we took a path in the woods and walking in the same direction was a man in ragged clothes. Upon seeing him I felt the we really needed to talk to him; It was Marcos´s dad! In tears he gave us permission and expressed his gratitude. He wants to attend church with his son but he drinks a lot. Notwithstanding it was a miracle.

This week we also had Interviews with President Goodman and his wife, They are awesome and I believe that they will be a great leaders to the mission. 

Lately I have really been learning allot about the power of prayer and have seen its blessings in the work that my comp and I are doing. I can honestly testify that the lord always hears us and wishes the best for us. And the best is what he gives us when we are diligent. I love the 18th chapter of Third Nephi and the message it teaches. Les amo a todos uds y La Iglesia es verdadera. -Elder Davis

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A year! Already!

I officially have a year in the mission and I´m not too sure how I feel about it. The time flies by way too fast and unfortunately past mistakes can only be learned from. However this Sunday as they passed the sacrament I contemplated the year and felt incredibly grateful with the Lord for what I have been taught and for His gracious hand that I have seen on so many occasions. The mission is an amazing experience that in no other way can be recreated; I hope that the last year doesn't go by too fast.

In our area we did not have much success finding good new investigators this week, however, we have some very positive people from the previous week progressing. Namely, we have Marcos; a 14 year old youth that is extremely mature for his age. That is something very rare amongst youth here. Upon teaching the restoration he understood PERFECTLY and prayed that night! He attended church this Sunday and will be baptized the 30th. The lesson we had with him Saturday night was incredibly spiritual and the innocence and humility of Marcos really touched me. He will be an amazing missionary! The hard part is that we need to get permission to baptize him and he doesn't live with his parents because his dad is a full-time drunk  and his mom passed away which goes to show how resilient he really is. He will be an amazing missionary!

This week we finally got to meet Presidente and Hermana Goodman and we had a really great meeting. They are POWERFULL! Hermana Goodman doesn't speak Spanish at all but she came through with some delicious cookies... It will be fun to see how her Spanish progresses.

On Saturday we had a multi-stake youth activity and I  ran into some youth from San Pablo, my first area. It made me really homesick for San Pablo seeing them again.

The Mission is capacitation for life... It really is. It is by no means easy but it really is glorious. All of the hardship that we face in life is for our benefit. In 3rd Nephi it says that Christ is like a refiner´s fire; to be a disciple of Christ is no easy task, yet if we give it our best the Lord will refine and perfect us, doing what we cannot by His grace. The church is true! -Elder Davis

Monday, July 11, 2016

Gosh Dang Kid

This week flew by and we found a lot of really positive people that I feel will progress, and at the same time we left several that aren't willing to keep their commitments. We found a lady named Patty and her 10 year old daughter Friday. We won't get to know the husband until farther down the road due to his hefty work schedule, but his wife is really positive just a little afraid to make the decision. We also found several young people that actually talked to use like mature people which really surprised me because youth that take us seriously are really rare. I really want to baptize some future missionaries. 

President Goodman has officially arrived and the other missionaries say that he is really cool. I will get to meet him this Thursday with the rest of the zone. His wife doesn't speak Spanish at all... but she will learn quick.

The last p-day was pretty rough because I got robbed... We were in the stake center playing ball and thare was a young kid there; I thought that he was a member, there to play soccer with us. Afterwords he was watching us play and we didn't think anything of it but when we finished, my camera was gone... I was pretty upset because all the pictures that I have taken until now in the mission were in that camera. Yet there is nothing that I can do about it now, entonces, lo dejo en las manos de dios.

The mission is teaching me so much an I am so thankful with the Lord for giving me the opportunity. Sometimes its really REALLY tough having the defects of humanity but I know that if we give our all the grace of God will do whatever it be that we can't. The Church is true. -Elder Davis

Friday, July 1, 2016

New Mission President for Elder Davis

So Presidente y Hermana Ruiz are officialy finishing their mission this Tuesday. They will be missed but I am honestly looking forward to this BIG change in the mission. 

Palo Gordo is shaping out to be rather difficult. This Sunday passed and once again we didn't have investigators in the chapel. Yet it wasn't by any error of our own; we had 2 families, 5 people (of baptismal age) committed to come. However, when we showed up to bring them to church they had all gone to Quetzaltenango. Another family we had progressing came out and told us not to visit them anymore; I am fairly certain that their previous pastor visited them. The Hernandez family that was also progressing is still positive but not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to keep the sabbath day. Even after 2 very spiritual lessons with members... DANG IT!
Yet I am confident that we are going to have a lot of success in Palo Gordo.

Yesterday we had an interesting run in with the Heiner Family and their 2 returned missionarys that had served here. They were here visiting converts and we got to visit and teach with them. It was a good experience, but a little weird talking to non-missionary gringos again.

In the mission one is always learning new things. Lately I have really seen the crucial importance of self-discipline. Until we learn to discipline ourselves it will be very difficult to achieve the goals we place. That is why G

od has given us commandments. God does everythring with the VERY BEST intentions for us. He loves us and wants us to be successful. -Elder Davis

Monday, June 20, 2016

This Week from Elder Davis

Chugin Along,

This week has been a bit tough because  almost all of our positive investigators had some sort of excuse or difficult circumstances to keep them from getting to church this Sunday. We even went to bring several that had committed to come to church and they weren't in their homes... We walk so much here! 

Friday, we found a really positive family that understood incredibly well the restoration... that is rare here... They all said that they would pray and that they would be willing to baptized AGAIN if they receive their answer. They have an evangelical background, however, I have complete faith that the Lord will provide.

The other family is really difficult to get to church because Sunday is the only day they don't work and therefore being the only day to work on a house they are building. Yet we aren't giving up and always looking for new people.

We have got transfers coming up this Wednesday that will be giving us a new Mission President and might take my comp away. I am honestly looking forward to the new president and the changes he may make.

Trust the Lords timing and NEVER procrastinate, every moment we waste is one lost forever. Love your circumstances however they may be. - Elder Davis

PS. I am deeply saddened for the death of our beloved Devin Shaum and will be praying for his family.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lovin the Cold

Here in the mountains I am feeling great not being covered in sweat all of the time, and I thought that I would be free of annoying insects... but I am not. All furniture is infested... The thing I miss the most from the coast right now are the mangos... I am now limited to only a few a week.

Elder Villegas and I have found two very positive families that are progressing; Namely the Hernandez family. Unfortunately they weren't able to make it Sunday but they committed to show up this coming Sunday. The wife is unsurprisingly the most positive of them all, reading The Book of Mormon and diligently seeking answers. On the other hand the husband works a lot and can barely read, although I see a sincere desire to change in him. Our Branch Mission Leader is incredibly devoted and helps us out a lot. His calling is very difficult for him sinc he doesn't have much education and much less leadership experience but he really puts his heart into the work. There is another Ward Missionary that is also very humble and poor, but he has got unstoppable enthusiasm. His wife is inactive and always tells him not to leave and visit, but he does it anyway and brought a really positive investigator to church this Sunday. I just named two but there are several very supportive members in the branch that help us out a lot. We also found a young single mom That doesn't attend any church, doesn't work sundays, and best of all has family in the church. Her name is Norma and she committed herself to come to church this sunday, I am excited to see her progress.

My comp is typically disobedient and convinced that its ok, but we get along very well. I am trying to put a good example and give suggestions, but its pretty tough to change something so overwhelmingly popular.

Well, all in all I am loving the mission and trying to be a descent missionary. I see lots of success in the future but I know its not possible unless I do all that I can to have the spirit with me. Be humble and follow the prophet! -Elder Davis

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Area for Elder Davis

Hey Gang,

So I was right after all, I am now in a small town called Palo Gordo (Fat Tree) in the department San Marcos; THE MOUNTAINS! The mountains feels like a completely different mission, so I'm getting a kind of fresh start. 

I am loving the weather here. It feels just like Rexburg in the fall just with freezing cold rain... The people here are a much less receptive than those of the coast however I am doing as Og Mandino said and making LOVE my unbeatable weapon. My new comp Is Elder Villegas from Bolivia, he only has 4 months in the mission and has a lot of potential. 

Thus far what I am liking most about the area are the members; the members here are super "pilas" and are willing to give referencias and work with us. Their humble dedication to the Lord is astounding. It really puts meaning to the scripture in D&C that says that the lord will us the simple and weak to do his work. Two days ago with one of such members we found a really positive family that is really prepared, it's just up to us to bring the spirit into their home.

Lately in the mission I have been learning a lot about simply persevering and not allowing failure and disappointment hold you back and the limitless power of loving others, your circumstances, and yourself. I am loving the mission and Guatemala and being able represent my Savior in such a way.  #tortillasRlife

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Week from Elder Davis

Family and friends,

The baptism of Lester was a success and his family is progressing a lot, yet it is difficult to work well with them because they are working a lot in the cornfields. We have also found many new investigators that are very positive, so we will see what happens there. 

I am really hoping not to leave the area. I have come to love the members here and we are working with some truly beautiful pèople... Keep me in your prayers and know that I am praying for you. The Church is true. 

-Elder Davis