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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beloved friends and family

This week was full of spiritual lessons. We didn't find a ton of people, but those we found were all very positive; we even found some families (that give us MEALS whenever we visit)! All of the people we found are from the same village and, unfortunately, the ENTIRE village was invited to a birthday party that was held on Sunday, and where there may be free food... alli esta la gente... and cake and tamales are a bit more enticing than the sacrament in the mind of he that hasn't been taught.

Our investigator Pedro attended once again, to our surprise, because we weren't able to go and get him Sunday morning and he lives pretty far away and is a very much elderly. I was giving a talk when I saw him enter in the sacrament room and just about started crying because no other investigator had shown up. I am really hoping he gets baptized. The rough part is that the members aren't very pilas at fellowshipping investigators here.

This week I got a little down and didn't have a very strong desire to teach, however, upon praying the Lord helped me recover my enthusiasm and speak with everyone. The power of prayer is real and the church is true. Love y'all lots. Que Dios me los bendiga.  -Elder Davis

Tell Trey to write me and send me pics. and Parker too... fools.

Monday, September 19, 2016


The Americans I met in the supermarket

Cow hoof (que rico)

Lunch in the market with some investigators from Samayac that made a surprise visit

Don't worry I didn't have transfers, however, many from the zone did and my district has been completely changed. I now have two more areas to help and no hermanas... just elders... bummer. The hermanas always worked hard and were respectful, on the other hand the elders... yet if it were always easy there wouldn't be any improvement. 

Marcos still doesn't want to get baptized and the members never live up on their commitments to visit him. I love that kid a ton and it pains me that he won't take the step. We also have an 80 year old man that is progressing, his name is Pedro and he is an old-school Guatemalan farmer that likes to talk about the good old days and cracking jokes. He is very kind and humble and actually looks a bit like Grandpa Dorman. He attended church Sunday and had a great time because he is good friends with some of the old folks in the branch and says he will keep coming. He is praying to know that the Church is true and be baptized. Manuela unfortunately couldn't attend this week due to the fact that she had gone out of town to visit family. This week we found lots of positive people and we're hoping they progress.

My new zone leader is Elder Cancino, my trainer! It was so good to see him again and catch up. He has changed a lot and has a lot to teach me. We love to bug each other though...

Thanks for all of the loving support, and remember "the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God". The Church is true. -Elder Davis

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hardest Time I have Ever Loved!

This week was full of disappointments as investigators stopped progressing, the members didn't keep their commitments, and pastors wanted to argue with us... However, it was full of miracles as well. The Elders In my district baptized an amazing family of 6 people! They were all so humble and willing to submit themselves to the will of the Lord. I believe that my favorite part of the mission right now is doing the baptismal interviews, it is an incredibly spiritual experience that I had not previously had. We also spent a few hours with the Hermanas and taught another wonderful family that has a special needs child named Woody who is constantly smiling and happy. His parents are also very happy people in spite of the fact they are very poor. All those that live in the house have the desire to be baptized, therefore I am looking forward to see them make that step.

Also, President has now given us an hour to write once again!

On Monday while doing a bit of shopping my companion and I ran into some Americans, it turns out they were members of the Church. They were here working with an organization called Maya Relief Organization and do a lot to improve the quality of life for many here in Guatemala. The Chairman, Leon Reinhart, is a good friend of Richard D. Hansan and has even participated in some of his excavations. He told me that he has visited hundreds of sites and has been to El Mirador many many times. It felt so good to talk a bit about what I love; the man probably thought I was nuts because I was shivering with excitement while speaking with him... Anyhow, I invite you all to look into the organization and help out if you can, the people here really need it.

I am learning more than I ever have in life and thank God for the trials with every prayer. Everything that is put in our way if there for our eternal progression. The Church is true and God loves ALL of his children. -Elder Davis

P.S. We can only take photos on Monday and in baptisms... I will try to take more photos.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Una Semana Mas

This week went by fast but at the very same time I feel as if last Sunday was a year ago. We found some positive people this week, Manuela is especially positive and read the Book of Mormon upon the first invitation. She understood it very well and told us that she felt as is she were coming home while reading it, or in other words, as if she were returning once again to the presence of God! My heart was filled with joy to know that someone was actively searching for the truth. She even attended church on Sunday. Now we just got to get her husband on board. The members are also starting to work a bit more with us. It is wonderful to see their willingness to do that which the Lord has asked, especially because the members "mas pilas" are the poorest of them all. The ones that have cars and nice houses are rarely willing to help us out.

This week I have been reading "Our Search for Happiness" and have really come to understand that the aim of this gospel is to make us happy, genuinely and eternally. I love the Scripture in Alm 37 that says that if we will but follow the words of Christ in faith we will be carried beyond this vale of sorrows to a promised land! The Church is true!

Photos: Elder Alonzo with his wife, MaĆ­z, a mayan grinding stone that a member found and made into a water trough for his chickens.