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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Gang, 

Im really looking forward to the upcoming baptism of Marcos and praying my guts out that nothing goes wrong! He is an incredibly special person and a very strong spirit. A part from him we also have the three young girls I told you about last week. Unfortunately they weren't able to make it to church this Sunday, but nonetheless they are reading, praying and showing a lot of desire. What we are really lacking right now is support from the members. The other night the Branch President told us that he wants to be released, and when asked to make some visits with us the Young Women's President told us it wasn't her responsibility... it was/is very frustrating but we are working through it; doing what we can to motivate them as lovingly as possible.

We are working with a lot of youth, which is a ton of fun, however I am still yearning to baptize a FAMILY! Its something I want to see so bad. The hard thing is that it is almost impossible without the members. My district leaders area has the most dedicated members and help the missionaries find and baptize people every month, and this month they have got an amazing family getting baptized! In life, if we are not careful, its very easy to miss the graceful miracles in our lives watching only those in the lives of others. We are all beloved children of God and, as any good father does, gives us graces and trials alike. Gratitude has been an escape from despair and negativity experienced in my life and has allowed me to see the hand of my Father. I know and testify that he does the same in all of your lives and that if you can but take a moment to think you will see it as well. The church is true. I LOVE you all. -Elder Davis

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