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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This week from the Great Elder Davis

Friends and family,

Things are finally starting to look up in Palo Gordo. We had five investigators in the chapel this Sunday and they loved it. Three of them were young women that he had found only Saturday; I was surprised at how  great the youth of the Branch were with them. They seem to be really positive and their families don't attend a church, therefore we are hoping that they might investigate the church as well. Our baptismal date, Marcos, is doing good, but wasn't able to make it to church this Sunday which has me a bit worried but Im trusting in the Lord that all will go well. Last week we were worried about getting permission to baptize him because his dad is never in the house, and we had been told it would really difficult to et a hold of him. Yet on Tuesday I had no Idea where to go work whereas we didn't have any appointments. After a prayer I felt that we needed to go contact a reference that I had all but forgot about who ended up not even being home. However, on the way to the house we took a path in the woods and walking in the same direction was a man in ragged clothes. Upon seeing him I felt the we really needed to talk to him; It was Marcos´s dad! In tears he gave us permission and expressed his gratitude. He wants to attend church with his son but he drinks a lot. Notwithstanding it was a miracle.

This week we also had Interviews with President Goodman and his wife, They are awesome and I believe that they will be a great leaders to the mission. 

Lately I have really been learning allot about the power of prayer and have seen its blessings in the work that my comp and I are doing. I can honestly testify that the lord always hears us and wishes the best for us. And the best is what he gives us when we are diligent. I love the 18th chapter of Third Nephi and the message it teaches. Les amo a todos uds y La Iglesia es verdadera. -Elder Davis

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