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Monday, July 11, 2016

Gosh Dang Kid

This week flew by and we found a lot of really positive people that I feel will progress, and at the same time we left several that aren't willing to keep their commitments. We found a lady named Patty and her 10 year old daughter Friday. We won't get to know the husband until farther down the road due to his hefty work schedule, but his wife is really positive just a little afraid to make the decision. We also found several young people that actually talked to use like mature people which really surprised me because youth that take us seriously are really rare. I really want to baptize some future missionaries. 

President Goodman has officially arrived and the other missionaries say that he is really cool. I will get to meet him this Thursday with the rest of the zone. His wife doesn't speak Spanish at all... but she will learn quick.

The last p-day was pretty rough because I got robbed... We were in the stake center playing ball and thare was a young kid there; I thought that he was a member, there to play soccer with us. Afterwords he was watching us play and we didn't think anything of it but when we finished, my camera was gone... I was pretty upset because all the pictures that I have taken until now in the mission were in that camera. Yet there is nothing that I can do about it now, entonces, lo dejo en las manos de dios.

The mission is teaching me so much an I am so thankful with the Lord for giving me the opportunity. Sometimes its really REALLY tough having the defects of humanity but I know that if we give our all the grace of God will do whatever it be that we can't. The Church is true. -Elder Davis

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