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Friday, July 1, 2016

New Mission President for Elder Davis

So Presidente y Hermana Ruiz are officialy finishing their mission this Tuesday. They will be missed but I am honestly looking forward to this BIG change in the mission. 

Palo Gordo is shaping out to be rather difficult. This Sunday passed and once again we didn't have investigators in the chapel. Yet it wasn't by any error of our own; we had 2 families, 5 people (of baptismal age) committed to come. However, when we showed up to bring them to church they had all gone to Quetzaltenango. Another family we had progressing came out and told us not to visit them anymore; I am fairly certain that their previous pastor visited them. The Hernandez family that was also progressing is still positive but not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to keep the sabbath day. Even after 2 very spiritual lessons with members... DANG IT!
Yet I am confident that we are going to have a lot of success in Palo Gordo.

Yesterday we had an interesting run in with the Heiner Family and their 2 returned missionarys that had served here. They were here visiting converts and we got to visit and teach with them. It was a good experience, but a little weird talking to non-missionary gringos again.

In the mission one is always learning new things. Lately I have really seen the crucial importance of self-discipline. Until we learn to discipline ourselves it will be very difficult to achieve the goals we place. That is why G

od has given us commandments. God does everythring with the VERY BEST intentions for us. He loves us and wants us to be successful. -Elder Davis

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