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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Emergency... Exchanges?

So right now I am on exchanges with Elder Wayman, from guess where... Utah! What a surprise right? Anyways, I am with him because my companion had to go to the capital to sign his visa. I actually kind of miss him... which is weird for me, but we get along really well.

This week was a great one for finding new investigators. We worked a lot in a village where we hadn't worked before, and even found an elderly couple that was baptized over 15 years ago, they hadn't been to church in about 8 but came this Sunday. They live with one of their sons, who has a ton of kids and doesn't attend a church... We are hoping we can get them to church.

We have some youth that are progressing and an awesome older couple (Beto and Catarina). The young men have the necessary attendances, but need written permission, and the couple just needs attendances. We are also working a lot with a lady named Carin that has lost 3 loved ones in the last year and is getting divorced. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized but is struggling with some things, namely the loss of her sister. On Friday we felt the impression to give her a blessing, the blessing was very spiritual and she stood up afterwords crying and said that she was going to do everything possible to start going to church... Lets hope for some baptisms this month.

This week I have been studying a lot about the atonement and the life of Christ in the book "Jesus the Christ"... Buenisimo... The Church is true. Love yall.

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Back in the mango game.

We are now in the rainy season and a day does not pass without there being rain. I honestly really like the rain, but it does slow the work down a bit. Also, the markets are now full of mangos so getting my spirits up is always just a mango or two away.

This week we had our Zone Conference with President Goodman. The spirit was strong and much was learned, yet the highlight was that my first Zone Leader, Carson Kanahaelee showed up to make a visit and shared his powerful testimony.

This week we started working in a village where we haven't worked much and I believe that we will find a lot of positive people. We had a partial family in church that we had taught in the past. In that time they didn't show much desire to progress, but I believe that something has changed. There are several young people in the house that haven't been baptized, so we are hoping that we can get some of them on their way to being good members of the church. We also have a family that wants to be baptized, but the wife is a bit overweight and has a tough time getting to church, nonetheless I believe that they will be baptized in April.

The work keeps on marching along and it will not fail. The church is true. Love ya

-Elder Davis

Monday, March 13, 2017

Walk, walk and walk some more

(some more pics from Elder Davis's last P-day adventure)

Time keeps on flying by as always. I honestly can't believe that I have been out around 20 months when I feel like I have no more than 3. This morning I got a call from my first Zone Leader in the mission who is here in the mission again making a visit, and he told me how much he missed the mission and that I needed to take full advantage of the time I have left. It was a bit of a wake-up-call and made me want to be more dedicated.

This week my companion and I had divisions with our District Leader and I ended up going to his area where we walked for several hours to a village and after having gotten lost had a great lesson with an awesome family and put some baptismal dates. We later made some visits in San Pablo and got to work with and see some of the members that saw me born!

In San Rafael we had a tough time finding new investigators and had to leave several people that were hiding from us and/or lying... it was tough because one of them was very positive for a time. I wish I knew why she hid. On Sunday we had a lot of investigators committed to come to church and even had members ready to help them out, but, stuff happened and we were only able to get 3 people to church. Those that had dates didn't make it and therefore will not be able to be baptized as soon as we had hoped. After church, we watched the Restoration movie with some young investigators and we were all able to feel the spirit.

The mission is great and The Church is true... Love ya...

-Elder Davis

Monday, March 6, 2017

No Time

Time is flying as always. My comp and I are working hard and are healthy. Today we went to see some caves that have ancient carvings in them, a plantation owner and some antiquities that he has found on his property (where the caves are) and a beautiful waterfall. In the end it was a pretty full p-day, now it time to get back to work.

The Church is true! Love ya lots!

-Elder Davis