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Monday, July 3, 2017

My Last Email!

This week was eventful with my last interview, district meeting, division, TESTIMONY, etc. I had the desire to work really hard my last week, but we ended up having to do a bunch of informes and house-checks. But I believe I can honestly say that I finished strong! The reality of the whole thing still hasn't sunk in, yet randomly I fall into a daze and feel depressed about leaving my spiritual birthplace. Saying goodbye to the members that I have been closest to has been especially hard, especially because the hermanas ALWAYS cry. I gave my last public testimony on Sunday in sacrament meeting, and yep, I cried. I am still an ugly cryer.

I have mixed feeling about the future, but I feel prepared. As the people of King Benjamin's kingdom said at the end of his sermon: I no longer have a disposition to do evil. I am committed to to do the will of the Lord and serve Him. In the end it it the most logical and intelligent thing to do (2 Nephi 24-25) His greatest desire and the purpose of His work and His glory is that we have joy, and above all He knows all things. I know that He loves His children and that He as any good father gives good gifts to His children and desires there eternal happiness. I LOVE this gospel and what was a belief is now knowledge, and a lasting testimony.

I look forward to seeing all of you and sharing the many mission stories that I now have to share.

I love you all tons! Hasta la vista...

-Elder Davis