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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Week from Elder Davis

Family and friends,

The baptism of Lester was a success and his family is progressing a lot, yet it is difficult to work well with them because they are working a lot in the cornfields. We have also found many new investigators that are very positive, so we will see what happens there. 

I am really hoping not to leave the area. I have come to love the members here and we are working with some truly beautiful pèople... Keep me in your prayers and know that I am praying for you. The Church is true. 

-Elder Davis

Monday, May 23, 2016

This week from Elder Davis and Finally Some Pics!

To The Gang,

This week was a tiring one in which we had lots of discussions and good member-missionary correlation. From all of that we will end up having one baptism to show for it. The investigator is the 9 year old Lester, son of an inactive family, however the real victory that we are seeing in this circumstance is the reactivation and overall faith of the family. We have have some really good experiences with them and how we found them was especially cool. We have found many other positive investigator that we feel will progress but unfortunately we couldn't get them to come to church this Sunday. That is quite honestly one of the hardest things here... simply getting people into the chapel. I have also been focusing lately in working with the members effectively and building productive relationships with them. From the start of my mission I was always taught that the way to obtain such relationships you need to simply be their bros and make them laugh a lot. Yet as fun as that is it is not very fruitful. I have been studying a lot and getting good advice from successful missionaries in attempt of improving this aspect and I have been putting it into practice. We will see how it goes.

My companion and I are getting along very well and working hard. Obedience is not one of his priorities by any means but he is pretty good for a Honduranio. We are even having comp study, and that is a rare thing in the mission Retalhuleu. We are also having some good fun too.

Today we had a really fun P-day and went to some beautiful waterfalls. The trip was really rushed and uncomfortable (see photos) thus I wasn't able to get very good photos, but... it was a lot of fun and I'll send some of the photos that I managed to get.

I love you all, Guatamalas is amazing, and the Church is true! -Elder Davis

Monday, May 16, 2016

The latest from Elder Davis

Emergency Changes!

To my surprise this Tuesday my comp; Elder Raymundo had changes. It was an answer to my prayers especially because my new comp is Elder Argueta, a Honduran who was a friend of mine in the ccm. He is also a big boy, but I have been in the same district as him and know that he is a good worker. Right now we are trying to motivate the members to be more dedicated to their callings and help us progress the branch. We are also working hard to find new investigators due to the lack of such with my last comp. 

I have noticed a lack of energy lately and have been trying to drink more as well as maintain a more healthy diet. To do so I have been going to the market and cooking with fresh produce... Thanks mom for teaching me a little bit in the kitchen.

Well thats my bit for this week, the church is true! -Elder Davis

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Short Note from Elder Davis

Hey Gang!

I had a very complicated p-day today for a myriad of reasons... so I don't have much time at all... But today we went to the funeral of a member that had died. It was a very different experience due to tradition and the the course of the funeral something that really hit me; we are very blessed to have a complete understanding of God's after-death plan for us.... Alegrate mucho! 

The church is true and God has a plan for every one of us! Keep me in your prayers. -Elder Davis