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Friday, June 30, 2017

Second to Last P-Day

Today was my second-to-last p-day; we went to the beach of Champerico where we played soccer with some complete strangers, had  a game of 2 hand touch football (for the first time in my mission), and ate sea food. It was pretty great, especially the sea food part...My companion and some of the other missionaries took photos and haven't sent them to me so I will get them to you next week.

This week we had to put a lot of investigators on pause, which was pretty sad, nonetheless we were able to find some new people and  put a baptismal date with some of the investigators that we found the week before. We also worked with some member families that are active, but a bit lethargic. Today we will have a family home evening with one of them. The others, pues, ahí están... we have also been working with some less active families which turned out to be a success because several of them came to church on Sunday! 

I am excited for the coming week, we are going to make it a busy one because I don't want to be moping around thinking about all that I am, about to leave behind and the many things (responsibilities) that await me at home...

The church is true and Christ lives!

I love ya lots.

-Elder Davis

Monday, June 19, 2017

Singin in the Rain

This week, my companion and I have been soaked every day without fail... as expected we weren't received by many, but we had some very spiritual lessons, and a very pleasing experience with a less-active family (that I expect will soon be active) . We also made a special effort to visit Carla, the girl getting baptized this week. She is awesome and very prepared, she always keeps her commitments and is making big changes in her life. She has even been inviting her friends and family to church!

As a zone we made jerseys, which turned out great.

Lately I have had feelings of anxiety and nervousness for the next phase of my life, and many other mixed feelings. It is so strange to think that my mission is coming to an end... I don't like it at all! Nonetheless I am working hard and can honestly say that I am not very "baggy".

This week I have strongly felt the love of our Savior and of our Father in Heaven. I feel it more and more every day and I feel that it has really changed how I see the people around me. I know that Christ lives and that this is His kingdom on earth.

I love you all.

-Elder Davis

Monday, June 12, 2017

One Wet Week

This week was a wet one, it's just proof that rainy season is here. It was raining all day and all night for almost two days this week and the other days also saw their spouts of downpour. Whereas I now only have one pair of shoes, I have had to simply deal with wearing wet shoes for the last few day; in this humidity things take their sweet time drying out.

Right now we are working with some very cool people that I believe are going to be great converts! We were even able to get six of them to church on Sunday. One of these is a 16 year-old girl named Carla, she has had a lot of very good experiences in church and has hit it off very well with some of the other young women of the ward that are from the area where she lives. She is planning on being baptized the 23rd and is very excited about it.

We had a rough time finding new people this week because of the rain, but... ni modo... I remember that in my first weeks in the mission I thought that contacting in the rain would be productive , because I believed that the people would pity us and let us into their homes, but that is sadly not the case, on the contrary, I believe they like watching gringos walk around soaked.

Well another week in the glory has gone by, every day my love for this gospel and God's children grows. I know the church is true.

Love ya bunches

-Elder Davis

Monday, June 5, 2017

Lovely Guatemala!

This week, as most, felt like a day...

We were able to find some very good new investigators and bring them to church. One of them is a 16 year-old girl named Karla that we found contacting the other day, we later found out that her cousin is a member and returned missionary. He taught her with us and brought her to church on Sunday, she later accepted the invitation to be baptized the 24th.

We also met a girl named Lesbia that has been attending church for about a month and lives with a very active member family. She say she wants to be baptized, but hasn't committed to a fecha yet, we are hoping to do that soon.

Floridalma has been working full-time, therefor, we haven't been able to teach her. It has me a bit frustrated, but we are going to call her and see when she can get a day off.

This week we also did a little service project for a less active family that was a lot of fun, I got burnt pretty bad though.

Love you.

Elder Davis