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Monday, December 28, 2015


A visit from some investigators from Samaya (my last area)

Familiares, amigos, conocidos y quienquiera que este leyendo...

This week flew by leaving some rewarding memories and lessons learned. My first Christmas in Guatemala wasn't too crazy exciting but I got to see a lot of fireworks eat a bunch of tomales and hear all the evangelicals rant about how Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are idols...

To celebrate the navidad as a a zone we picked up trash in the central park of San Felipe. We had a great time and packed out a ton of garbage... and not one person said thanks, but it was very satisfying, whereas the parks are beautiful, just abused. Afterwords we had a gift exchange in which I received a box of cookies,,,, yeah!!! By chance, I had to buy for a sister from Honduras; I bought her a pair of earings that I am pretty sure she didn't like, but I tried. I couldn't find a place to buy wrapping paper in our area  so I put the gift in a tortilla chips bag just for good show. Afterwords, as you can imagine, I had the opportunity to skype the family and get a little homesick. Other than a few hang ups with the interent I had a great time seing the family again.The night before my comp and I ate tomales with a family of members and watched their kids play with fireworks... almost all of which are illegal in the states and extremely dangerous. 

As for our investigators, Ester and her 2 daughters (Luz and Maritza) are getting baptized the 9th of January, my birthday! Ester took a little convincing whereas she has already been baptized, yet with a thorough review of the restortation she accepted the date. I absolutely love this family, they are incredibly loving and humble. The children as well are very well behaved, mature, and a lot of fun. I am highly impressed with this young mother and that she is able to do in spite of her conditions, as well with her very responsible children. Very excited to baptize them. Working with this this family has been a spiritual experience, because through them we have met various other people, family or friends, that are ready to accept the gospel as well... so stay tuned, because I have faith that good things are going to happen with those aformentioned persons in the near future.
Another man named Elmer has been responding very positively to the discussions, but we found him incredibly drunk the other night... yet I don't give up on the cases like this whereas I have met many faithful members that had previously been curb-side drunks. 

This last week was difficult because everyone was busy or out of town, so the majority of our new investigators we were unable to contact. Yet we really threw-down with less actives. Once we are in the new year the will begin to really pick up, and hopefully my comp will get out of his motivational gutter... he admitted to me today that he is having the hardest time he has had in the mission right now due to the lack of success in his district and the fact that president has taken a personal notice.

I almost wish peole would stop telling me about all of the archeological stuff going on around me, I guess that they have been finding some stuff around San Felipe... I am really learning how to control my passions out here.

Well, I love you all to death and wish you all a happy new year! -Elder Davis

Monday, December 21, 2015

Family and Friends,

I am going to be completely honest... I thought a lot about Star Wars this week... wow, I am really excited to see that movie when I get home! I even had a nightmare that the movie was horrible, starring a morbidly obese Mark Hamill... Yet now that I hear that it was really good I am at peace, more or less.

Now that that's out of the way... Alrighty, this week was a bit frustrating. My new area, Pueblo Nuevo, is also called the land of faith because it is infamous for yeilding little success... but also the occassional miracle. It is difficult bercause it is loaded with different churches and pastores bent on wrecking any progress we make. Although, I am still very excited to work here and see if I can't make some miracles happen. The hard part is my comp has been here one transfer already and a little burnt out because he hasn't had a baptism here. When I arrived he only had 3 investigators. It is difficult whereas he is DL, so his comp has to really take charge of the area and his last comp from what I understand just spent time with members when he did divisions. I am going to start having my first divisions here this week, we are going to throw down!!!

This last week we found a very positive family. The family comprises of a single mother named Ester and her 7 children. Ester is 31 and her husband recently died in a motor accident, thus she is left to care for all of those kids and can't work much because she has two brand new twins. As you can probably imagine they are incredibly poor and live with her parents in a house made of corrugated metal smaller than the music room back home... about 15 people in total live in the house. The major bread-winners of the family are the father and several of his grandkids. Those kids work 12 hour days harvesting coffee the oldest of them just turned 14, and the youngest is 7. Yet in spite of all of this they came to church on their own accord the Sunday before last and really liked it all. This Sunday they weren't able to attend unfortunately, but I believe that they are going to get baptized. I am just a bit nervous to teach the Law of Tithing...

We have other investigators as well ,but they are not progressing much, there is one that I really feel like we can baptize but we keep finding him drunk... it's rough

This Sunday was fun because I had to give a 15 minute talk, teach a class, and sing in the branch choir... yet I wasn't very nervous  and the members said that my Spanish was perfect other than 4 words that were poorly pronounced! I feel that I am finally getting really good with my Spanish, more than anything I need vocabulary. Sometimes its hard to know if words are slang or not when I learn them, whereas most of my learning is done speaking and listening. I have accidentally said some rather offensive words without realizing, luckily the people are sympathetic... usually.

Here in the field I have learned a TON about gratitude, I would challenge you all to reevaluate your conditions when thinking to complain, lament, or cry out "why me." I testify to all of you that have access to my emails that you are in reality extremely blessed and privileged. I am not saying that your lives are incredibly easy.  I understand that you are all facing challenges of a different nature, yet I also know that every trial faced with faith and gratitude is conquered on the shoulders of angels. I love you all and I wish you all a merry Christmas! While you are celebrating, opening presents, and spending time with love ones... I will be eating a tamale, Be very, VERY jealous... Elder Davis

Monday, December 14, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis

Homemade Gym!


Yup you heard correct, I had transfers again. Leaving Samayac was pretty rough, really rough... I love the investigators and members that we were working with there, it seems like president pulls me out of my areas just as we start having lots of success. I may not speak perfect Spanish or be the smartest missionary out here but I really think I've got the love part down. I genuinely love this country and its inhabitants. It was very hard to leave the people of Samayac, and several of them broke into tears when I left... I was glad that I wasn't the only one.

I am now in a small town in the foothills of the mountains called Pueblo Nuevo, Suchitepequez. The area is beautiful with some great sights and a giant smoking volcanoe not to far off in the distance. The climate is also extremely agreeable, I sleep like a baby at night... I am here with an elder named Elder Godinez, from Honduras. So far we get along really well, and are working hard. I am very excited, because he is district leader, meaning that I will pretty much be managing the area whereas he will be doing lots of divisions outside of the area. He says that if I do well this change he will recomend that I train. I really like the idea of working with a new elder that has a completely mold-able mind and that has yet to develop bad habits.

I don't have a lot to say about investigators because I am still new, but there weren't a ton when I arrived. I guess the work has been realatively slow here and the branch of 30 active members is passing over a rough patch. The president is really blunt and machetes the members openly, thus some have left the church and obviously everybody wants him out, but there isn't anybody qualified to replace him. Yet the members that have remained faithful are really hard-working and are helping us out a lot. The members here are also really good about feeding us. Since I have arrived we have found 12 positive people, 3 of which have already accepted that they need to be baptized, so we will be working with them a lot. I love contacting in the mission, and it is interesting how the spirit guides you without realizing.

Well a rather dull letter.  I love you guys and I love this gospel, I am working hard and improving all of the time. The church is true! -Elder Davis

Monday, December 7, 2015

Family and Friends,

We have transfers coming up again Wednesday! I have mixed feelings because things in my area are really starting to gain momentum and I love the people here, but a new area is always interesting. When I say that the area is gaining momentum I am referring to the members. We have two really hardworking families that are finally starting to help us out. On Friday they just loaded us with references, and really positive ones too! Then, on Sunday a family brought a family of 5 to church with them that wants to investigate the truth. Thanks to that same family, we are baptizing a 23 year old girl named Irma in two weeks. Not to mention that one of the family of references really likes us and makes us absolutely delicious food... even seafood! After everything it will be really hard to leave the members and investigators I love just as things are getting good.

My comp hopes that I have transfers, things started out really good between us but now I think he kind of hates me. I got on him pretty hard the other day for making extremely inappropriate jokes with some nonmember youths the other day. He got so mad that he started chucking food all over the kitchen. He hasn't wanted speak to me much since it happened three days ago. Yet, after all, our reputation is extremely important. For that reason Samayac is a bit of a difficult area, it has suffered a lot at the hands of disobedient and stupid boys wearing name tags.

Every week I find out about more ruins and historical sites in our zone, yet nobody wants to visit them on p-days. There is a little free museum in our area with a bunch of stuff that has been found in the archeological site near Choculah (within my area). We really could go to the site and the museum but my comp doesn't want to, its kind of torturing me... as you can imagine if you really know me. Yet I went nuts contacting the other day because I found an arrowhead while walking a dirt path outside of town... I think the Lord knew I needed a pick me up, and did it in the coolest way!

Well, that's the news, not too much happened, but it was a good week. My health is starting to look pretty good and my testimony is feeling stronger than ever. I'm learning new things all of the time and improving all around. The church is true and all the truly good things in life are possible because a Savior has been born. Feliz Navidad! -Elder Davis

P.S. I am officially dreaming in Spanish!

Monday, November 30, 2015


La Danta at El Mirador

To the Burg,

Its the time of the the year in which it should actually be feeling like a burg... That's not the case here in the Guat, its still really hot. The people have been complaining lately that the nights are getting cold, but they are just starting to get comfortable to me. The only thing that really feels like Christmas is the lights and the random crackle or boom of fireworks. They sell cheap explosives on just about every corner... The kids here are just going nuts! I am also enjoying all of the festivities in the parks, naturally I can't participate much but it's fun to see all of the decorations and games. Also, the locals are repairing the central cathedral. It may not be very comfortable or clean but I am loving western Guatemala.

I glanced over a newspaper the other day that happened to be spotlighting El Mirador and the work of Richard Hansen, confirming that the pyramid La Danta as the largest in the world. I can't wait to dig over there after the mission! (see video above).

We had 3 baptisms this week! We baptized three kids, a 10 year old, and two 11 year olds. They are the children of a less active woman that we hope to reactivate. The older brother is showing a lot of interest in the church as well! We are also working with a young 25 year old woman that is very interested and has accepted a baptismal date! She is named Irma. The work has been hard recently because the members of our branch are really lazy. There is one RM that really wants to help us but.... he got his rights suspended... Also, this week I had to go to the hospital because I got amoebas and they wanted to check out my lungs. Needless to say I barfed a lot. Yet I am starting to feel a lot better, I just have to take lots of pills that leave my mouth tasting like it's full of quarters.

Other than that I am doing good, I just have lots to improve and people I really want to baptize! The church is true and God gives you your dreams for a reason... just go out an get them and trust in the support of your loving Heavenly Father.  

-Elder Davis

Monday, November 23, 2015

This Week's News from Elder Davis

Family and Friends, 

The mission is chuggin along here in Champinlandia (Guatemala). It is finally looking like I am going to get over this dang cough that I have had for almost a month... So I am feeling pretty good. We have got some really positive investigators progressing, and others that were really positive and suddenly just stopped, well, progressing! Its also really frustrating when you have a family reading the Book of Mormon, attending church, and asking lots of questions and invite you into the house, just to find a horde of evangelicals dancing and shouting hallelujah... awkward right. It saddens me that the other Christian denominations don't like us, but it doesn't look like it is going to change any time soon. Also a visit from an animated pastor a lot of times is game over for the common investigator. It's not that they can prove us wrong, they are just great at guilt-tripping people and spreading lies. Another hard thing is that my area is loaded with coffee orchards, and these orchards are by far the biggest employers here. Thus, as you can imagine, everyone drinks coffee and doesn't like the idea that it is contrary to the commandments.

We had a baptism! We baptized a 20 year old girl named Celeste, she is still learning a lot, but it looks like she will be a great member! She was a referral and had already received most of the discussions.

So... My camera officially died last week, so i will not be sending any pictures until I get a new one! 

Well, I am out of time again... but... The Church is true.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A short message from Elder Davis

Family and friends,

Another week passed in a flash here in Samayac, this week has been a great one of bonding for my companion and I. We are having good success and we are seeing miracles! I am recuperating from my sickness and enthusiastic. Due to a really stupid p-day schedule I don't have time to write more...Love you all.  

-Elder Davis

Monday, November 9, 2015

Shout out to the Burg!

Samayac Suchitepequez is finally starting to show some good progress. I am convinced that missionary work requires a lot of patience, it's something I am working on personally, but it's paying off. We had five people in the church yesterday and several less actives. We have had some pleasant suprises recently from some relatively reluctant investigators. Also, many very positive new investigators have been placed in our path as well. Yet it is proving difficult to know if people are really receptive to the gospel or if they are just being hospitable. Sticky traditions are difficult to dispel as well.  For example, the majority of the people here are Charismatic Evangelicals or Catholics and their practices are much different than ours. We can show a mountain of scriptural evidence that we have the truth, but its very difficult to ask people to leave generations of tradition. In the end, you just have to trust in the spirit and hope they pray... If they pray, genuinely pray, they usually convert. Yet its incredibly hard to get them to take you and the commitments you extend seriously, because they have a lot of faith... they just don't understand the action part. They slap Jesus stickers and bible scriptures on everything, literally everything. For this, I think a kind of lazy Christian culture has been created. Many tell you that God accepts all and that it doesn't matter what church you attend, or if you even go to church, as long as you have faith in Him you are saved. Its hard sometimes to tell them that that is not the case. This is also the root of a ton of inactivity, it is overwhelming how many inactives we have to work with. 

The work here is testing me in so many ways, but I know there is a reason for all of it. I am learning all of the time of the importance God genuinely loving the people here. It sickens me the lack of love in many missionaries. I admit that it is difficult sometimes, but as true disciples of Jesus Christ we have to come to have it. My testimony of the scriptures is growing a lot as well, I am not going to lie, for much of my life the Book of Mormon has been something difficult to accept. Given my interests and the things I have studied, it has been a bit of a trial of my faith. Yet now that I have left my self naked to the spirit and truly immersed my self in the words of that book, I know that it is the word of God, and the fullness of the gospel of our Savior. The church is true! 

-Elder Davis

Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis

Where does the time go...

The weeks are starting to fly by... A little too quicky I feel sometimes. Yet, I admit that I am glad that this week is over. Yesterday was dia de los santos, they day in which everyone remembers their deceased relations. Because of this we didn't get anyone to church...AGAIN! So frustrating. Church attendance is a requisite to baptism, in other words, our investigators cannot progress if they do not attend church. Also it rained like crazy this week  and Samayac lost power several times after sunset. For that we couldn't get into many houses because nobody wanted 2 drenched guys in their homes or to accept visitors in the pitch black. The rain made me really sick as well, so it is a little hard on the spirit when I am hacking my head off in all of the lessons. Yet, after everything we did have a bit of a miracle. After sacramant meeting we were bummed that none of our investigators came, until a member told us that there was a non-member in the congregation. We met this 20 year old girl named Celeste who has a good friend in the branch, later she spoke with the branch president and told him she wants to get baptized... We also had some really cool investigator contacts.

My Spanish is really coming along, I still have lots of fine tuning to do, but it is sufficient to complete all of my responsibilities and then have a bit of fun. Something that is kind of funny is that when the locals here see a gringo, they automatically think that he can't speak their language... so its fun so give the people a surprise. I am concentrating specifically to think in Spanish right now. My biggest thing right now is to build my vocabulary! So send me that book dad... But it is really satisfying to speak comfortably in another language. I really want to learn some more after the mish.

Poco a poco Everything else is improving, its really hard sometimes, but I know that in the end I will be grateful. There are just so many things to improve sometimes!

The church is true and because of the sacrifice and life or our savior Jesus Christ we can realize our potential. The lord himself said that the worth of souls is great in His sight, and we know that the worth of a soul is its potential to become as God. Are we not the souls of which he spoke? Show some faith, come to Christ, and realize your potential. I love you all! 

-Elder Davis

Monday, October 26, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis


Well, I survived cambios de emergencia. My new comp is Elder Jaco, a 24 year old de El Salvador. He works hard, is a really good teacher, and is pretty obedient when compared to a lot of the missionaries. It feels so good to be working hard. This week we found 20 new investigators with 3 families! Many of them are really positive. The conversion story of my comp is pretty cool, he has come a long way... his past is nuts. Sometimes he tells me a little more than he should... Also, not only does he work very well, he also knows how to have fun in an appropriate manner. We get along very well. Oh, and not to mention he cooked professionally before his mission and dreams to one day be a chef. So we have made a deal that he cooks and I wash the dishes. Obviously we don't have time to cook anything fancy here, but we eat better than most missionaries. The house is the cleanest it has ever been as well... in other words, emergency changes were a success! Now we just need to get baptizing.

This Sunday, however, was a big let down. We had 13 investigators that had told us YES, to the invitation to attend church... not one showed up... but it was election day. Its almost impossible to trust your investigators here with their commitments.

Shout out to Isaac, congrats with football! Sounds like you had a stellar first season.... You're amazing I bet, just dont get cocky ;), and keep loving everyone in spite of there differences. 

Show your moves Emrie!!!!

I met Jonathan Deleon's dad, he is pretty cool and it was cool to make that connection.

Well, other than that nothing huge happened this week... but it was really good. The church is true. Love you all!

-Elder Davis

P.S. I tried to get a normal photo with my comp...

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Latest from Elder Davis

Emergency Changes! WHAT!

So the three Latinos with which I was living all had emergency changes... obviously this includes my companion so I will be getting a new one of those tonight. This will make 3 trainers and 2 areas for my training. The others in the zone tell me that thats pretty weird. Yet I have heard that the comp that I am getting is really good! I was getting more and more bossy with Elder Herrera and by the end, I don't think that he was liking me very much... well I know that was the case because he was very obvious about it... that guy had attitude. He even made sure to erase the photos that he had of me, and consequently he didnt want me to take any photos with him. Well I wished him luck and he is on his way to another area. 

My area absorbed the one neighboring it. So now my area is twice as big and I am essentially comp A... Needless to say I am a little stressed. My Spanish is getting pretty good (I think) but I still miss little details every now and then.  And often times those little details make a big difference. I have not met my new comp, but I know that he is from El Salvador and doesn't speak any English. Really this is a good thing, but this next week is going to be a bit rough. The area that I will be absorbing was being worked by the other 2 Latinos in our house, when they learned their area was closing they had to give there investigators to me... They only had 2 to give. So frustrating! 

Elder Herrera y I didn't get along and consequently we didn't make the gains that we should have, but nonetheless I still have some really positive investigators progressing. One named Auriliano is a dad of 5 who loves God and is faithful to his church, but willing to hear our message. He attended church with us this Sunday and participated vocally in all of the meetings. He is reading the Book of Mormon. Also we have lucked out because one of his good friends is a member! Something that is really hard with the mission is that you come to love your investigators... and when they fall through It is like losing a good friend. It is absolutely horrible. 

Something really awesome for me that has been revealing itself more and more in the mission is the history. A lot of people have little things that they have found, and a "hill" that we have passed several times I have learned is an ancient buried structure... As you can imagine that all just tickles me silly. Yet I am making sure that it doesn't become a distraction.

Para terminar, I am doing well, it's kicking my butt, but the work of salvation has never been easy. I feel the pure love of Christ every day out here, and the power of prayer is testified to me all of the time. I love you all...The chafe is real, Guatemala is amazing, and the church is true! 

-Elder Davis

P.S. Daniel and Helen, A couple that accepted Baptism when I was with Cancino in San Pablo, but were waiting to be married when I left. Well now they are married and members of the church!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Jenna, There is a Mexican version of you in my zone...


I am really liking my new area. My companion is incredibly frustrating but I am working on it... The other latinos living in my house make fun of me a lot because I want to be obedient. They call me "flechon" meaning arrow, its offensive to most, for reasons that I don't understand. I am committed to stay obedient with all diligence.  Many potentially good missionaries give up on their tough companions and fall into the bad habits their companions. Yet I am really hitting it off with the "catracho" (Honduranio) in our house.  He isn't very obedient, but at least he works. The mission is teaching me new things all the time, often times in difficult ways. I am really not good at being direct with people, especially people that I have to spend 24 hours a day with. Yet I am improving. I have to if I don't want to waste my precious time as the Lords servant. 

This Sunday we ate at the President of the Rama's house. The food was good and the company was even better. I love Guatemala, I am making a lot of friends here. A large number of the people here in my new area speak quiche, I love to hear the native languages. Part of me wants to pick some of it up, but I am still struggling with Spanish. I have fantasized about teaching some of the lessons in quiche, because some here don't speak Spanish... but it is just a fantasy.

I am not sure why exactly, maybe its from all the time on the farm, but almost all of the really people here are absolutely nuts...almost daily I am grabbed by old men that moan at me, tell me strange stories, or disrobe and ask for money. The same goes for drunks... they are everywhere, and find the strangest places to sleep. Luckily the majority of them aren't violent, the just say/do strange things really close to your face... I hate the smell of beer. At least I get lots of free hugs. It is rough to see the ones who really are hating life, their blank stares and quick swigs are some of the most depressing things I have seen thus far in the mission. Conclusion: Alcohol is for people who want to become like small children again rather than grow up and face real life.

 Their is some really beautiful countryside around my area, I especially love to see the Ceiba trees (Maya Tree of life...) they are breathtaking. Something weird about my new area... It is called the land of witches... Witchcraft is common here and practiced by a good chunk of people. My companion told me about a temple that was on a contacts property. He told me he showed up as they were performing some ritual, complete with burning stuff, shaking people, and a barfing woman... I am a little scared of that part of the area now as you can imagine.

Well I am doing good, eating good fruit, meeting great people, and learning a lot. I am still healthy and the Spanish is better all of the time. It has been a lot of fun learning Spanish and it is and interesting feeling to speak another language. I am studying my butt off, and learning a lot. My testimony is stronger than ever an the spirit is strong. The church is true, its as simple as that. I loved the talk by President Uchtdorf that to be a disciple doesn't need to be complicated... The gospel is the most simple wonder there is, and it is for everyone. It is for the scholars and the peddlers, the poor and the rich, the sinners and the saints, the old and the young, the weak and the strong, and you. Because of the infinite love of Christ and the power of his atonement there is literally no-one that lies out of reach of its blessing, whether it be in this life or in eternity. If there is one thing I have learned thus far in Guatemala is that anyone can change... I love you all, thanks for all of the support.  -Elder Davis

P.S. Shout out to my lovely hermanita Emrie Grace, Feliz CompeaƱos! I am excited to see pictures of your baptism and hear about your success with dance. I love you!

Monday, October 5, 2015

New Area for Elder Christopher Davis

¡Nueva Area!

So I have changed areas already...I am the only missionary in my group to have changed. My trainer was convinced that he would leave San Pablo, and had packed his bags and everything in prep for the change meeting... Then I, having done none of the things he did, had to leave. Already I miss the members and my investigators there. Even worse I only had 2 hours to say goodbye to everyone, the majority of which were not home. Thus, I don't have photos of most of them. I didn't think it would be that hard... I really dont look forward to changes now. Not to mention, I am missing out on their baptisms the 10th! ROSHE!

My area is called Samayac, a town outside of Mazatenango. I don't know much about it but I think that it will be really really good. I have met some really great members and the people seem to be really kind here. I already like my zone, the majority of them seem really great.  Also, One of my best friends from the CCM is in my zone, Elder Salazar de Peru. You can see a lot of huge volcanoes around my area, there are even some Spanish ruins in my area! I Can see a ruined cathedral from my bedroom window... As you can imagine, when I first saw it, I went nuts. However, naturally, nobody else cares. I still love seeing all of the women dressed in the traditional maya corte, whenever I am struggling I just look around and remind myself  that I am in Guatemala... and then I am better. Also, whenever I am frustrated with someone, particularly men, I simply imagine them in traditional ancient mayan regalia and I like them a lot more. Call my methods weird if you would like, but they work for me, so... I do what I want. Also in my new area I live in a house with three other latinos, so no more English. I live with Elder Peralta from Peru, Elder Cano from Honduras, and Elder Herrera from Bolivia. Elder Herrera is my new comp, he teaches really well, but is really lazy... yup, just what I was afraid of... he always wants to rest, and when we got home from conference this Sunday I suggested that we visit members for references and and less actives to help them, but he insisted on sleeping... so I am going to have to be really forward and pushy with him, something I am terrible at. yet, the lord knows best, and I feel that I will grow a lot this change. 

Other than that is the usual... My Spanish is better all of the time, I am getting so much better at understanding, I can understand almost everything as long as there isn't to much noise around me and if the other person has most of their remaining teeth at the front of the mouth. My teaching is improving and  I am really coming to love the scriptures. One of the hardest things about the mission is that it exposes so many of your weaknesses and you have to organize a way to improve them... but there are just so many! Ether 12:27 is my theme right now! Keep it real in the Burg for me.   -Elder Davis

Monday, September 28, 2015

I do more laughing than shopping here... we buy our clothes in a place called the Megapacka, it is essentially a Good Will. It is nearly impossible to find clothes in your size, because the store's goods are all comprised of the stuff that nobody wants in the states... as a consequence the clothes are all huge! The decent stuff is expensive... but if you really dig you can find good stuff.

This has been a bad week for finding people but we have got 3 families being baptized on the 10th! Im really excited, my comp has been pretty baggy though, he is leaving in two days and has made a lot of friends in San Pablo.

I am going to miss a lot of people from my zone that are leaving, from what I hear, I've got a really good zone for my first change. My ZL especially, he is awesome and we have really hit it off.

Its' not every day that you find out that your sister is getting hitched... but, it wasn't that big of a surprise and it is about time... I think they are making the right decision and I am so proud of them. I am excited to here how it all goes! I love you Jenna... Chris is pretty cool too. You guys will make a good eternal companionship.

Well, I am running out of time, but things are still going good, spanish is picking up even faster now. Right now I am just praying for a good comp... I love you all! - Elder Davis

P.S. most of the keys aren't marked on this computer , and the keys are different on Spanish computers... so be grateful for what I got down...

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Latest from Elder Davis

Anona Fruit

The sky... Its a lie....

I have completely forsaken the habit of trying to judge what the day's weather will be like by the sky... It changes in a heartbeat. Rain, rain, rain, and thunder that makes your ears bleed! However, I really enjoy it. Almost all of our investigators have corrugated metal roofs over their homes and when it rains it gets really loud. This is difficult in lessons, but nothing fatal.

I have gotten to the point where I can have a lot of fun with my Spanish. I feel that because of this my relationships with ward members and investigators are improving. I have running jokes with  some and talk crap on others... its good. I am still being careful not to be too loose though, I don't want to be the missionary that wastes all of his time buddying with members. Whereas there are many of those in the mission from what I hear. I have a lot of fun with the kids and youth here, one has discovered that I  am a doodle bug and asks me to draw him characters in Sacrament Meeting. I hope he doesn't spread the word around too much...

My investigators are coming along, but only one came to church this last Sunday... super frustrating. Some of them show so much positivity until they have to do something... I am not quite sure how to get them to understand that without action faith doesn't mean anything. Unfortunately there is a firmly established culture here that following Christ is just thinking nice things about him. Partly because most of the churches here are comprised of happy spiritual comments and singing really loud. I am by no means a master of the scriptures, but it amazes me how little even the pastors know of the scriptures... or how corrupted there doctrinal knowledge has become by there own thoughts and feelings. From them and their congregation alike we get a lot of Bible bashing. All you can do is bear your testimony, and leave with the spirit. Occasionally we machete the pastors pretty hard, but they always just make silly comments about how you can't take it literally or that we have changed the Bible by the power of the devil. That last one has yet to happen with me, but it has been heard by my companion on more than one occasion... but seriously, you get some really funky (Christian) beliefs from people out here.

We have changes coming up in a few days... I will likely lose my comp whereas he is being made district leader, it is possible that he could stay, but highly unlikely. I am going to miss him, but what can I do. So, with that in mind, I ask that you all would pray that I get a good comp this coming change. I feel my companions patience waning thin from all of my Spanish questions... which come at at a steady pace throughout the day. In the beginning he encouraged questions, telling me that it would help me out a lot, but I am a very curious person and unanswered questions eat at me... so its probably getting old for him. Yet, I think that all of my questions are helping his English as well.

I tried some really good fruit this week, its called anona, the locals call it by there own name here.... its really good. I look forward to January, because that is the beginning of mango season! Anyways, all is well over here, luckily I still haven't gotten sick... Try not to miss me too much. Love you all!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis

Another late email on dysfunctional computers...

To start I have to apologize for the late and consequently small email last week. I am already terrible with computers, the temper-mentality of the computers here doesn't help at all...

Elder Cancino and I have 2 complete families progressing and 2 almost families as well. Almost as in several kids but one of the parents is separated or dead... They are all really positive and engaged in what we are teaching them. Unfortunately I lose Elder Cancino in 2 weeks, so I will baptize them with someone else. This is if they dont suddenly drop on us, or get turned away by a freaking pastor... which happens allot. The pastors always tell them that they can't play with God, making them feel guilty and doubtful. The pastors are the most wealthy people here, and are frankly pretty corrupt.

One man we contacted yesterday has lost his wife recently and has 3 daughters. He is really sad but still has to work hard in order to provide. He recently stopped smoking and drinking... this guy is ready for the gospel. He has even attended the church before, and liked it but his pastor told him he couldn't get baptized... but now he doesn't attend that church. At the end of our message last night he told us that he wants to get baptized, which means his two older daughters probably will as well. We contacted him last night really just through luck and the spirit. we had talked to his 4 year old daughter before, and didn't think much of it because those kids are always running amuck -- but, just as we were deciding to head home and call it a night we decided to hit the house of that little girl, it just felt right as we saw the house... I am really excited to work with him. It was weird, because I remember a really powerful feeling of doubt come over me as we approached the house. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking that he wouldn't want to listen because it was late and not to mention yesterday was Guatemalan independence. The devil works really hard on you sometimes out here. Yet, I have seen that if you push through it, The really good stuff comes right after. Some really weird random crap happens in lessons at the most spiritual parts... man, He is real

The last two days were spent in Reu at meetings. We had to take 3 buses all the 5 hours there. A lot of time I was pretty much sitting on top of people. You get used to that really quick here. they can fit over 20 people in and on top of a normal van. We had a really interesting run in with a beggar that spoke a bit of English on one of the buses. I would tell the story over email wouldn't do it justice, so I will tell you when I get home... Anyway, at the meeting I saw my buddy Elder Fairbanks from the CCM and had a good time. The mission president macheted us pretty hard at that meeting. Unfortunately there are a lot of really disobedient missionaries...

Well, as always I am running out of time... but, things are good. I am healthy, my Spanish is improving, and I have been eating some dang good fruit... I love you all, thanks.    -Elder Davis 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thats me holding a bottle of weed... yup


This has been a good week for contacts! We have almost 4 complete families agreed to baptism! Now, you can't get to excited because commitments are slippery here... Yet two of theses families I am certain will be baptized. I can just tell by how actively engaged they are in the lessons and their diligence in keeping commitments. Its fairly easy to get into peoples houses here, but most don't really care and ask for money at the end of the message... Also many are not genuine, constantly beating around the bush. Yet, I can't help but love them anyway. This I why I am so excited about these two families, they are engaged and forthright. Also, they don't hold their doubts back, and my companion is a wizard that can put to rest just about any doubt. Although, then again, I am extremely naive when it comes to the mission... I wrote a lot more but the Internet cut out, and didn't' save my draft and I am out of time... but know that I am healthy and happy. Spanish is hard but it is coming along.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Normal Weather Day in San Pablo

News this Week from Elder Davis

Buenas tardes todos!

The mission is still chugging along over here in San Pablo, Guatemala! Everything is great. Learning Spanish is really overwhelming at times but I am seeing the fruits more and more everyday. The most difficult part is listening and understanding, especially in the rural area that I am in, they have very heavy accents and a lot of slang. My native-speaking companion doesnt understand sometimes.

The weather is great over here right now, I get a nice balance of torrential downpours and intensely humid heat... its great. I used to take pride in the fact that I don't sweat a lot...I was wrong. I have also grown to hate the dogs here... they are filthy and all either want to kill you or appear as if they have been run over by a lawnmower. I have only been charged by one, luckily it was only bluffing to get me away from the door of the house. The mean dogs at home were actually really nice. Oh, and before I forget... My companion and got stopped by a group of really drunk guys the other night, one wanted us to come and party with him while the other randomly asked about the three types of heaven we believe in... until the other hit him in the face. Anyway with some patience and kind words we got out of the situation. As we were walking away my companion brought to my attention that they all had guns. Yet in actuality even the scariest people here really like the missionaries. The old lone drunks are my favorite... my comp and I companion say ¨ hemos escuchado que champinos (Guatemalan men) no pueden bailar¨ or, in english... we heard Guatemalan men can't dance. After this they try to prove us wrong... and its hilarious. You have to be sure they are really drunk harmless old men though... yet there is a solid supply of those here though. 

I have had some great experiences with investigators this week. And even a baptism! My favorite this week was Gorge, a devout Catholic that knows his doctrine and has immense faith and love for his Savior. We taught the Restoration and totally macheted the Catholic Church with as much love and gentleness as possible. He had some questions as you can imagine, but after the movings of the spirit and the sincere prayer he agreed to baptism! Now I can't get my hopes up too high, because many back out of the commitment after some time. One thing that's kind of frustrating is I feel that we spend more time walking and riding squished on a bus more than actually teaching. Although, that makes teaching that much better. My companion  is a really good teacher and has a thorough understanding of the Bible. He has been very complementary of my performance in lessons and of my improvement in the language. He's probably just being nice, but it keeps me positive. He probably gets sick of me asking him how to say things in Spanish, but he helps me out a lot. 

I played soccer for the first time here the other day, it was a lot of fun, and If I am aggressive I can make a little bit of a difference. Truth be told, there aren't very many good players here, but they love it and have a good time. Every day I am amazed that you never here about car accidents... because all of the drivers are nuts. These huge buses make crazy maneuvers to pass other cars on curvy mountain roads. My favorite is to ride in the backs of the pick-ups on the back roads. Its is so beautiful in the mountains. I don't have any pictures of my favorite spots yet because I forgot my camera in the house last time we went there unfortunately. Anyhow, things are great, unfortunately I am not a very good writer and always leave things out on accident. But here it is.

-Elder Davis