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Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis

Where does the time go...

The weeks are starting to fly by... A little too quicky I feel sometimes. Yet, I admit that I am glad that this week is over. Yesterday was dia de los santos, they day in which everyone remembers their deceased relations. Because of this we didn't get anyone to church...AGAIN! So frustrating. Church attendance is a requisite to baptism, in other words, our investigators cannot progress if they do not attend church. Also it rained like crazy this week  and Samayac lost power several times after sunset. For that we couldn't get into many houses because nobody wanted 2 drenched guys in their homes or to accept visitors in the pitch black. The rain made me really sick as well, so it is a little hard on the spirit when I am hacking my head off in all of the lessons. Yet, after everything we did have a bit of a miracle. After sacramant meeting we were bummed that none of our investigators came, until a member told us that there was a non-member in the congregation. We met this 20 year old girl named Celeste who has a good friend in the branch, later she spoke with the branch president and told him she wants to get baptized... We also had some really cool investigator contacts.

My Spanish is really coming along, I still have lots of fine tuning to do, but it is sufficient to complete all of my responsibilities and then have a bit of fun. Something that is kind of funny is that when the locals here see a gringo, they automatically think that he can't speak their language... so its fun so give the people a surprise. I am concentrating specifically to think in Spanish right now. My biggest thing right now is to build my vocabulary! So send me that book dad... But it is really satisfying to speak comfortably in another language. I really want to learn some more after the mish.

Poco a poco Everything else is improving, its really hard sometimes, but I know that in the end I will be grateful. There are just so many things to improve sometimes!

The church is true and because of the sacrifice and life or our savior Jesus Christ we can realize our potential. The lord himself said that the worth of souls is great in His sight, and we know that the worth of a soul is its potential to become as God. Are we not the souls of which he spoke? Show some faith, come to Christ, and realize your potential. I love you all! 

-Elder Davis

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