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Monday, October 26, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis


Well, I survived cambios de emergencia. My new comp is Elder Jaco, a 24 year old de El Salvador. He works hard, is a really good teacher, and is pretty obedient when compared to a lot of the missionaries. It feels so good to be working hard. This week we found 20 new investigators with 3 families! Many of them are really positive. The conversion story of my comp is pretty cool, he has come a long way... his past is nuts. Sometimes he tells me a little more than he should... Also, not only does he work very well, he also knows how to have fun in an appropriate manner. We get along very well. Oh, and not to mention he cooked professionally before his mission and dreams to one day be a chef. So we have made a deal that he cooks and I wash the dishes. Obviously we don't have time to cook anything fancy here, but we eat better than most missionaries. The house is the cleanest it has ever been as well... in other words, emergency changes were a success! Now we just need to get baptizing.

This Sunday, however, was a big let down. We had 13 investigators that had told us YES, to the invitation to attend church... not one showed up... but it was election day. Its almost impossible to trust your investigators here with their commitments.

Shout out to Isaac, congrats with football! Sounds like you had a stellar first season.... You're amazing I bet, just dont get cocky ;), and keep loving everyone in spite of there differences. 

Show your moves Emrie!!!!

I met Jonathan Deleon's dad, he is pretty cool and it was cool to make that connection.

Well, other than that nothing huge happened this week... but it was really good. The church is true. Love you all!

-Elder Davis

P.S. I tried to get a normal photo with my comp...

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