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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Latest from Elder Davis

Emergency Changes! WHAT!

So the three Latinos with which I was living all had emergency changes... obviously this includes my companion so I will be getting a new one of those tonight. This will make 3 trainers and 2 areas for my training. The others in the zone tell me that thats pretty weird. Yet I have heard that the comp that I am getting is really good! I was getting more and more bossy with Elder Herrera and by the end, I don't think that he was liking me very much... well I know that was the case because he was very obvious about it... that guy had attitude. He even made sure to erase the photos that he had of me, and consequently he didnt want me to take any photos with him. Well I wished him luck and he is on his way to another area. 

My area absorbed the one neighboring it. So now my area is twice as big and I am essentially comp A... Needless to say I am a little stressed. My Spanish is getting pretty good (I think) but I still miss little details every now and then.  And often times those little details make a big difference. I have not met my new comp, but I know that he is from El Salvador and doesn't speak any English. Really this is a good thing, but this next week is going to be a bit rough. The area that I will be absorbing was being worked by the other 2 Latinos in our house, when they learned their area was closing they had to give there investigators to me... They only had 2 to give. So frustrating! 

Elder Herrera y I didn't get along and consequently we didn't make the gains that we should have, but nonetheless I still have some really positive investigators progressing. One named Auriliano is a dad of 5 who loves God and is faithful to his church, but willing to hear our message. He attended church with us this Sunday and participated vocally in all of the meetings. He is reading the Book of Mormon. Also we have lucked out because one of his good friends is a member! Something that is really hard with the mission is that you come to love your investigators... and when they fall through It is like losing a good friend. It is absolutely horrible. 

Something really awesome for me that has been revealing itself more and more in the mission is the history. A lot of people have little things that they have found, and a "hill" that we have passed several times I have learned is an ancient buried structure... As you can imagine that all just tickles me silly. Yet I am making sure that it doesn't become a distraction.

Para terminar, I am doing well, it's kicking my butt, but the work of salvation has never been easy. I feel the pure love of Christ every day out here, and the power of prayer is testified to me all of the time. I love you all...The chafe is real, Guatemala is amazing, and the church is true! 

-Elder Davis

P.S. Daniel and Helen, A couple that accepted Baptism when I was with Cancino in San Pablo, but were waiting to be married when I left. Well now they are married and members of the church!

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