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Monday, April 24, 2017

Gripe, calor intenso, y Mangos... ¡todo esta excelente!

All week I have had a bad cold,and a bit of stomach irritation. On top of that I have been sweating a ton! I sweat when I'm asleep, I sweat when I walk, and when I exert myself... I sweat a whole lot more. However, all is well because I love what I'm doing here and there seems to always be a mango to cheer me up (or like 5 or 6).

Elder Prior and I are getting along great and working hard. We have had to run a lot of errands for other areas and be in a few more meetings than usual, therefore we had a bit of time taken away from us, but we were able to find some very cool people this week, including a few families; namely, the Rodas family. We found them contacting and have since taught them twice. They have a strong desire to find the truth and make a good future for themselves and their children, the hard part is that they work a lot, like many here, but this week we are going to get them to church. We are also working a lot with the ward council, so, we are hoping to get the members more involved in the work.

Elder Medina, told me that two of our investigators in Sn. Rafael are getting baptized! Jeser and Leanardo. President has been giving permission to a lot of missionaries to go to the baptisms of their past investigators, but, sadly, I didn't get permission because Sn. Rafael is pretty far away.

Lately I have been learning a lot about the importance of persistence. Things may get tough, but you have to keep going, no matter how long and hard the road may be.  We can have faith that there is a promised land waiting for us at the end. Consider the example of Nephi... Desert, abundance, the great sea, and then the promised land... He and his family went through a TON but it was all worth it in the end; they were persistent. Remember that the pyramids were built one brick at a time, and the mansions that wait for the righteous are going be so much better... with Celestial Jacuzzis... YUS!

The Church is true!

I love ya bunches.

-Elder Davis

Monday, April 17, 2017

The heart of the mission... Is mangoland!

Reu is great, and loaded with mangos! My new companion is Elder Prior, from St. George, Utah. He is a great missionary and is very obedient, I hope to learn a lot from him. We are re-opening an area in the center of Retalhuleu that includes the central park. It's a bit tough, especially because the previous missionaries didn't leave us any investigators, therefore we have been left to contact a ton... until now we have found some very positive people that are in desperate need of the gospel, but have some big challenges. We hope to find more this week. The members here are kind of dead and very few of them showed any interest in our arrival on Sunday, therefore we had to personally go around and present ourselves to the members and slowly try to get to know them. We share the ward with the assistants, which is a lot of fun. One of them is Elder Meyers from Idaho Falls!

I listened to President Eyrings talk from the priesthood session again and was impacted by one of the truths that he was trying to get in our hearts. Its easy for us to say and accept that we are children of God and that our potential is divine, but sometimes we have a hard time realizing that others have the very same potential, no matter how far away they seem to be from it. In the mission I have learned so much about God's love for His children and have even been able feel, sincerely, in part that love for His children that are all around me. We should all strive to develop that love, if we do we will find so much more satisfaction and happiness and we will be able to overcome any fear. The church is true!

Love ya tons

-Elder Davis

Monday, April 10, 2017

Things are going very well here in San Rafael and we have 3 very cool young men that will be getting baptized in the next few weeks. We have been working with them for a long time and have gotten a ton of help from from the members. I am really excited about it all, but, I have transfers... President called me yesterday and told me that I will be going to Reu... I've got some mixed feelings, but, ni modo.

I had a good last Sunday with a good number of investigators in church and some great lessons with members. I am hoping that the new missionary in the area can do something with our hard work.

I am so happy now that I have a new niece! I am grateful that the labor went well and that Everson and Aubrey are doing are healthy and happy. In the general conference many talks were about the Plan of Salvation. Here in the mission I have learned a lot about that plan, and have come to understand much more about our Fathers love and our destiny. I know that it is true, and I know that all of the sacrifices we may have to make in this life in order to be prepared to live in Gods presence are worth it! The church is true. Love ya.

-Elder Davis

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Conference and Quetzales

This week we were a little deprived of time due to my companions trip and General Conference which we had to attend in Malacatan about an hour away from San Rafael. However we were able to find some great people and get them to conference. In the end we had 10 people in the conference and they all loved it! 

For p-day when to the Qutzal Refuge that is in our area which was awesome, we were only there for an hour because the members we went with ended up having another commitment and had to leave. We were only able to see a very small part of the park, but its was awesome.

The conference was great and I felt completely renewed afterwords. I want to re-watch or reread some of the talks, because one of our investigator's baby was screaming his guts out for the better part of the afternoon session on Sunday... buts that's just the mission for you.

I hope you can all make new commitments with yourselves and the Lord in order to become true disciples and honor our covenants always. The Church is true! Love ya.

-Elder Davis