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Monday, December 7, 2015

Family and Friends,

We have transfers coming up again Wednesday! I have mixed feelings because things in my area are really starting to gain momentum and I love the people here, but a new area is always interesting. When I say that the area is gaining momentum I am referring to the members. We have two really hardworking families that are finally starting to help us out. On Friday they just loaded us with references, and really positive ones too! Then, on Sunday a family brought a family of 5 to church with them that wants to investigate the truth. Thanks to that same family, we are baptizing a 23 year old girl named Irma in two weeks. Not to mention that one of the family of references really likes us and makes us absolutely delicious food... even seafood! After everything it will be really hard to leave the members and investigators I love just as things are getting good.

My comp hopes that I have transfers, things started out really good between us but now I think he kind of hates me. I got on him pretty hard the other day for making extremely inappropriate jokes with some nonmember youths the other day. He got so mad that he started chucking food all over the kitchen. He hasn't wanted speak to me much since it happened three days ago. Yet, after all, our reputation is extremely important. For that reason Samayac is a bit of a difficult area, it has suffered a lot at the hands of disobedient and stupid boys wearing name tags.

Every week I find out about more ruins and historical sites in our zone, yet nobody wants to visit them on p-days. There is a little free museum in our area with a bunch of stuff that has been found in the archeological site near Choculah (within my area). We really could go to the site and the museum but my comp doesn't want to, its kind of torturing me... as you can imagine if you really know me. Yet I went nuts contacting the other day because I found an arrowhead while walking a dirt path outside of town... I think the Lord knew I needed a pick me up, and did it in the coolest way!

Well, that's the news, not too much happened, but it was a good week. My health is starting to look pretty good and my testimony is feeling stronger than ever. I'm learning new things all of the time and improving all around. The church is true and all the truly good things in life are possible because a Savior has been born. Feliz Navidad! -Elder Davis

P.S. I am officially dreaming in Spanish!

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  1. Feliz Navidad, Elder! Espero que tu estas bien. Gracias por tu testimonio y fe. Tu estas un buen ejemplo para mi! Tenga un buen dia y nuevo ano.

    Hermana Gretchen Becker
    Kaysville, UT
    BYU-I student