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Monday, December 28, 2015


A visit from some investigators from Samaya (my last area)

Familiares, amigos, conocidos y quienquiera que este leyendo...

This week flew by leaving some rewarding memories and lessons learned. My first Christmas in Guatemala wasn't too crazy exciting but I got to see a lot of fireworks eat a bunch of tomales and hear all the evangelicals rant about how Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are idols...

To celebrate the navidad as a a zone we picked up trash in the central park of San Felipe. We had a great time and packed out a ton of garbage... and not one person said thanks, but it was very satisfying, whereas the parks are beautiful, just abused. Afterwords we had a gift exchange in which I received a box of cookies,,,, yeah!!! By chance, I had to buy for a sister from Honduras; I bought her a pair of earings that I am pretty sure she didn't like, but I tried. I couldn't find a place to buy wrapping paper in our area  so I put the gift in a tortilla chips bag just for good show. Afterwords, as you can imagine, I had the opportunity to skype the family and get a little homesick. Other than a few hang ups with the interent I had a great time seing the family again.The night before my comp and I ate tomales with a family of members and watched their kids play with fireworks... almost all of which are illegal in the states and extremely dangerous. 

As for our investigators, Ester and her 2 daughters (Luz and Maritza) are getting baptized the 9th of January, my birthday! Ester took a little convincing whereas she has already been baptized, yet with a thorough review of the restortation she accepted the date. I absolutely love this family, they are incredibly loving and humble. The children as well are very well behaved, mature, and a lot of fun. I am highly impressed with this young mother and that she is able to do in spite of her conditions, as well with her very responsible children. Very excited to baptize them. Working with this this family has been a spiritual experience, because through them we have met various other people, family or friends, that are ready to accept the gospel as well... so stay tuned, because I have faith that good things are going to happen with those aformentioned persons in the near future.
Another man named Elmer has been responding very positively to the discussions, but we found him incredibly drunk the other night... yet I don't give up on the cases like this whereas I have met many faithful members that had previously been curb-side drunks. 

This last week was difficult because everyone was busy or out of town, so the majority of our new investigators we were unable to contact. Yet we really threw-down with less actives. Once we are in the new year the will begin to really pick up, and hopefully my comp will get out of his motivational gutter... he admitted to me today that he is having the hardest time he has had in the mission right now due to the lack of success in his district and the fact that president has taken a personal notice.

I almost wish peole would stop telling me about all of the archeological stuff going on around me, I guess that they have been finding some stuff around San Felipe... I am really learning how to control my passions out here.

Well, I love you all to death and wish you all a happy new year! -Elder Davis

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