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Monday, January 4, 2016

First Email of 2016 from Elder Davis

Happy (sweaty)New Year to freezing Rexburg!

The celebrations of the new year were huge this week and different than anything I have ever experienced. There was an in interesting mix of drunks, drunks, drunks, and some tomales topped of by an overwhelming amount of fireworks.... If some of the videos I took are small enough in file I will throw them into the email. As you can Imagine I was offered tomales by everyone and there dogs, that was a bit. I will tell you right now that I am sick of tomales, as good as they may be. Afterwords we enjoyed an incredibly huge firework show given by... everyone! The most illegal fireworks you can imagine are sold on every corner, lit by infants, and incredibly entertaining to watch. The entire sky was lit up by fireworks and the streets were filled with smoke coming from deafeningly loud firecrackers... so in the end the new year made for some good memories and a lot of fun.

We have three baptisms this Saturday, those of Ester Maritza and Luz. I am so stoked for these baptism whereas I have come to sincerely love these three people. It's also pretty cool that I will be baptizing them on my birthday!

We have found several other very positive investigators and the area of Pueblo Nuevo is finally starting to show some life.... This email was pretty short for lack of time because we went rollerblading an hour and a half out of our area... I love you all and the church is true!

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