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Monday, January 25, 2016



So this week was an improvement on the last one since we actually had people in church and put a baptismal date with a guy named Omar. Yet we are going to have to postpone the date because he didn't show up to church... but he didn't show up to church due to his work schedule and I can't help but take it easy on him because he is incredibly poor... 

The goal this week is to find A LOT of new people, specifically potential priesthood holders considering we want a ward in Pueblo Nuevo. The dificulty that we are facing at the moment is that the vast majority of the men here are either devout and incredibly prideful evangelicals or slobbering drunks.... There are other potentials that are simply never home being worked half to death, often times in other towns. Side note; take it easy on the illegal immigrants, you can't even imagine the kind of work load that was piled on their backs for so little pay in their home countries.

Today I had probably the best p-day of the mission yet. We went on a little hike to a waterfall with some converts. It was great because have been dying to get into the Guatemalan backcountry. I also had some fun gathering and eating a fruit called kushing, a fruit similar to cocao considering the parts consumed are seeds found inside which are sucked... and delicious. Yet I left a little frustrated in that there was a lot of garbage around the waterfall. Although I believe that I avoided all of that pretty well in the photos. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find mangos in the market this Thursday! Naturally, I bought several and ate almost all of them until I realized that they were making me sick... The next day I spent a couple hours vomiting. I was later informed that they made me sick because they were not matured naturally but in some ghetto chapin method. I don't really feel like eating mangos now. The pleasant part is I was on divisions with Elder Carrion, a very positive Peruvian who kept me laughing and working.

In preparation for the coming of the new mission president, president Ruiz has been cleaning out the mission a little bit. I really hope that what he is doing helps the mission in the way that it needs. My testimony of obedience is developing all of the time and as a consequence that of integrity as well. Practice what you preach and keep your promises, especially the ones you have made with God. The church is true and Christ lives. -Elder Davis

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