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Monday, February 1, 2016

This Week from Elder Davis


This week was a bit slow due to the parasites that I have... I will tell you right now that sudden bathroom necesities make for a rough time in a place in which nobody has a bathroom to offer. Yet, being the nature loving person I am, I made some good memories in the mosquito infested woods of Guatemala (not). I spent some time in Reu this week having exams done and getting the parasites figured out. The mission nurses will be getting me the meds tomorrow, Supposedly they are getting me some pretty strong stuff. The nurse tells me that I will have tremendous stomach pain... yay. At least I will be getting through with it.

A bit of a bummer this week is that our baptismal date fell through because he moved away... but we are working on sending the referral to the missionaries that cover the area in which he now lives.

The family of Balis is starting to show some promise. The other night we were casually talking when the topic of the temple came up in conversation, we ended up teaching him the Plan of Salvation and wrecking some of his biblical understanding. He was caught off guard by scriptures concerning the spirit world and vicarious ordinances... he was a little embarrassed since he is proud of his biblical knowledge, but he is now interested again and has committed to read the Book of Mormon.

This week we are still going to be looking for lots of new contacts and getting baptismal dates. Thanks for all of the loving support and prayers. The church is true.  -Elder Davis

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