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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Week from Elder Davis

Another late email on dysfunctional computers...

To start I have to apologize for the late and consequently small email last week. I am already terrible with computers, the temper-mentality of the computers here doesn't help at all...

Elder Cancino and I have 2 complete families progressing and 2 almost families as well. Almost as in several kids but one of the parents is separated or dead... They are all really positive and engaged in what we are teaching them. Unfortunately I lose Elder Cancino in 2 weeks, so I will baptize them with someone else. This is if they dont suddenly drop on us, or get turned away by a freaking pastor... which happens allot. The pastors always tell them that they can't play with God, making them feel guilty and doubtful. The pastors are the most wealthy people here, and are frankly pretty corrupt.

One man we contacted yesterday has lost his wife recently and has 3 daughters. He is really sad but still has to work hard in order to provide. He recently stopped smoking and drinking... this guy is ready for the gospel. He has even attended the church before, and liked it but his pastor told him he couldn't get baptized... but now he doesn't attend that church. At the end of our message last night he told us that he wants to get baptized, which means his two older daughters probably will as well. We contacted him last night really just through luck and the spirit. we had talked to his 4 year old daughter before, and didn't think much of it because those kids are always running amuck -- but, just as we were deciding to head home and call it a night we decided to hit the house of that little girl, it just felt right as we saw the house... I am really excited to work with him. It was weird, because I remember a really powerful feeling of doubt come over me as we approached the house. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking that he wouldn't want to listen because it was late and not to mention yesterday was Guatemalan independence. The devil works really hard on you sometimes out here. Yet, I have seen that if you push through it, The really good stuff comes right after. Some really weird random crap happens in lessons at the most spiritual parts... man, He is real

The last two days were spent in Reu at meetings. We had to take 3 buses all the 5 hours there. A lot of time I was pretty much sitting on top of people. You get used to that really quick here. they can fit over 20 people in and on top of a normal van. We had a really interesting run in with a beggar that spoke a bit of English on one of the buses. I would tell the story over email wouldn't do it justice, so I will tell you when I get home... Anyway, at the meeting I saw my buddy Elder Fairbanks from the CCM and had a good time. The mission president macheted us pretty hard at that meeting. Unfortunately there are a lot of really disobedient missionaries...

Well, as always I am running out of time... but, things are good. I am healthy, my Spanish is improving, and I have been eating some dang good fruit... I love you all, thanks.    -Elder Davis 

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