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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thats me holding a bottle of weed... yup


This has been a good week for contacts! We have almost 4 complete families agreed to baptism! Now, you can't get to excited because commitments are slippery here... Yet two of theses families I am certain will be baptized. I can just tell by how actively engaged they are in the lessons and their diligence in keeping commitments. Its fairly easy to get into peoples houses here, but most don't really care and ask for money at the end of the message... Also many are not genuine, constantly beating around the bush. Yet, I can't help but love them anyway. This I why I am so excited about these two families, they are engaged and forthright. Also, they don't hold their doubts back, and my companion is a wizard that can put to rest just about any doubt. Although, then again, I am extremely naive when it comes to the mission... I wrote a lot more but the Internet cut out, and didn't' save my draft and I am out of time... but know that I am healthy and happy. Spanish is hard but it is coming along.

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