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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This Week from Elder Davis

Family and friends,

Marcos didn't end up getting baptized this week to to the fact that those that live with him told him that he wasn't prepared the night before the service... he will still be baptized this month. Sometimes I feel like we push a lot but the the demand to achieve our monthly goals is high in the mission. However I strive to be patient with my investigators and really treat them in an inspired manner. Our previous mission president focused A LOT on numbers and sheer output and the mission ended up being very disobedient, but high-baptizing. The sad part s that the majority haven't stayed in the church. President Goodman has really been tightening the bolts on the mission and I feel that it will improve drastically, but its really hard on those that are disobedient. Several missionaries that have been leaders or have a lot of time in the mission are now minor companions... Y murmuraron en extremo... I have even been interviewed twice, likely because of the lies that my second-to-last comp told to the mission president. Notwithstanding I predict that there will be lots of good changes in the near future.

Tomorrow there will be transfers once again and many friends that I have made in the Zone will likely leave. My comp could even have changes. I am a bit worried about the changes that might be made because I like the zone the way it is, we are all very united. Well I am just about out of time the leaders are really strict on writing time, but the Church is true and the spirit can show us ALL of the things that we must do. I love you guys. -Elder Davis

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