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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This week from Elder Davis

Family and Friends,

The mission is flying by as you all have heard it does once the year mark is hit. I wish that wasn't the case but all I can do is take advantage of the little time I have left In this part if the Lord's vineyard. This week was one full of rejection and and pushing along lethargic members. In any mission the most effective way to work is with the members. I have come to realize that truth time and time again in the mission; mostly due to the lack of success I have had when the members haven't been supportive. Right now the members of Palo Gordo are very careless and the few references we have been given haven't been very positive. Therefore we did lots of contacting this week which didn't give much fruits. Nonetheless I will have some good rejection stories to tell. I was having a pretty tough time blaming myself for the lack of success, yet when I read in PMG that no teaching experience, be it fruitful or not is appreciated by the Lord. I also read about the sons of Mosiah that at times had little to no success but were faithful even so. And after having persevered for a time they were blessed with abounding success! It is all about diligence, which is a synonym of CONSTANCY and the key to learning the lessons we need to and have the success that we all yearn for. Only if we diligently do as the lord asks of us will we learn and grow in the way that He knows we need to. Our loving Heavenly Father knows what is the very best for His children and diligent obedience is how we do just that. The Church is true and faith is prosperity! -Elder Davis

PS. Please pray for Marcos

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