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Monday, June 13, 2016

Lovin the Cold

Here in the mountains I am feeling great not being covered in sweat all of the time, and I thought that I would be free of annoying insects... but I am not. All furniture is infested... The thing I miss the most from the coast right now are the mangos... I am now limited to only a few a week.

Elder Villegas and I have found two very positive families that are progressing; Namely the Hernandez family. Unfortunately they weren't able to make it Sunday but they committed to show up this coming Sunday. The wife is unsurprisingly the most positive of them all, reading The Book of Mormon and diligently seeking answers. On the other hand the husband works a lot and can barely read, although I see a sincere desire to change in him. Our Branch Mission Leader is incredibly devoted and helps us out a lot. His calling is very difficult for him sinc he doesn't have much education and much less leadership experience but he really puts his heart into the work. There is another Ward Missionary that is also very humble and poor, but he has got unstoppable enthusiasm. His wife is inactive and always tells him not to leave and visit, but he does it anyway and brought a really positive investigator to church this Sunday. I just named two but there are several very supportive members in the branch that help us out a lot. We also found a young single mom That doesn't attend any church, doesn't work sundays, and best of all has family in the church. Her name is Norma and she committed herself to come to church this sunday, I am excited to see her progress.

My comp is typically disobedient and convinced that its ok, but we get along very well. I am trying to put a good example and give suggestions, but its pretty tough to change something so overwhelmingly popular.

Well, all in all I am loving the mission and trying to be a descent missionary. I see lots of success in the future but I know its not possible unless I do all that I can to have the spirit with me. Be humble and follow the prophet! -Elder Davis

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