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Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hardest Time I have Ever Loved!

This week was full of disappointments as investigators stopped progressing, the members didn't keep their commitments, and pastors wanted to argue with us... However, it was full of miracles as well. The Elders In my district baptized an amazing family of 6 people! They were all so humble and willing to submit themselves to the will of the Lord. I believe that my favorite part of the mission right now is doing the baptismal interviews, it is an incredibly spiritual experience that I had not previously had. We also spent a few hours with the Hermanas and taught another wonderful family that has a special needs child named Woody who is constantly smiling and happy. His parents are also very happy people in spite of the fact they are very poor. All those that live in the house have the desire to be baptized, therefore I am looking forward to see them make that step.

Also, President has now given us an hour to write once again!

On Monday while doing a bit of shopping my companion and I ran into some Americans, it turns out they were members of the Church. They were here working with an organization called Maya Relief Organization and do a lot to improve the quality of life for many here in Guatemala. The Chairman, Leon Reinhart, is a good friend of Richard D. Hansan and has even participated in some of his excavations. He told me that he has visited hundreds of sites and has been to El Mirador many many times. It felt so good to talk a bit about what I love; the man probably thought I was nuts because I was shivering with excitement while speaking with him... Anyhow, I invite you all to look into the organization and help out if you can, the people here really need it.

I am learning more than I ever have in life and thank God for the trials with every prayer. Everything that is put in our way if there for our eternal progression. The Church is true and God loves ALL of his children. -Elder Davis

P.S. We can only take photos on Monday and in baptisms... I will try to take more photos.

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