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Monday, September 5, 2016

Una Semana Mas

This week went by fast but at the very same time I feel as if last Sunday was a year ago. We found some positive people this week, Manuela is especially positive and read the Book of Mormon upon the first invitation. She understood it very well and told us that she felt as is she were coming home while reading it, or in other words, as if she were returning once again to the presence of God! My heart was filled with joy to know that someone was actively searching for the truth. She even attended church on Sunday. Now we just got to get her husband on board. The members are also starting to work a bit more with us. It is wonderful to see their willingness to do that which the Lord has asked, especially because the members "mas pilas" are the poorest of them all. The ones that have cars and nice houses are rarely willing to help us out.

This week I have been reading "Our Search for Happiness" and have really come to understand that the aim of this gospel is to make us happy, genuinely and eternally. I love the Scripture in Alm 37 that says that if we will but follow the words of Christ in faith we will be carried beyond this vale of sorrows to a promised land! The Church is true!

Photos: Elder Alonzo with his wife, MaĆ­z, a mayan grinding stone that a member found and made into a water trough for his chickens. 

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