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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Latest from Elder Davis

La Semana Santa...

Here In Guatemala we were brought an interesting array of traditions due to the East season. Some of the traditions were beautiful, others were delicious, and some were just weird. Almost all of the days were celebrated by Catholic processions in the streets and sand paintings called alfombras. Also, throughout the week just about everyone makes sweet breads and like halloween youths and children meander through the streets asking for bread... but they carry around home-made Judas dolls and noise makers screaming "pan para judas" (bread for judas)... The Judas dolls are later presented before the public and burned. The townspeople also choose the best Judas doll and the owner wins a prize. Yet the funniest part of it all is that many of the jovens running around asking for bread do it dressed as girls or in other ridiculous costumes... including adult diapers. 

As fun as the semana santa was we did not get much done since everyone was celebrating in the streets or on the beach. Furthermore, while contacting just about everyone used the festivities as an excuse for not receiving us. The worst part is that once Sunday came around everyone was sick or too tired to go to church...yet after church we joined the priesthood of the branch to make some visits, afterwords we made a super spicy green mango salad. It was delicious and really pumped me up for the true mango season in about 3 weeks.

Today for p-day I convinced my comp into going to a small archeology museum in Reu... It was really small but great for my crave.

Tomorrow I will find out if I have transfers or not. We are pretty sure that I will be going but we'll see. The church is true.

CuĂ­dense      -Elder Davis 

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