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Monday, March 14, 2016

From Elder Davis

Hey gang, so this week absolutely flew by and ended up with two baptisms! After a lot of fruitless contacting we started visiting less-actives and caring for the investigators we have. Two of the families that we visited had children of age and after a bit of work and teaching we've got them coming to church and participating. Naturally, once we had the families back on track we baptized the kids. We baptized a 9 year old bay named Joel and a 10 year old girl named Jasmine. I had to repent a little bit because I have looked down on the missionaries that baptize lots of children. It was my pride more than anything but I now understand that the commandment of baptism is not discriminatory. Yet I am still focusing in the people that can really take part in the growth of the church. Speaking of such people we have a young mom named Ana Velasquez who is showing allot of promise and keeping her commitments. We are having a tough time getting her to understand that Christ only has one church... but that's nothing new. We are trying to get her husband interested but he is difficult to find (We don't know if that is his intention or not...) We are also visiting a man named Marvin and his family. He has been telling us that he wants to get baptized and come to church but he has been a bit difficult to find as well. I am also a little worried that he is taking advantage of us since he has been saying that he wants to legally move to the states and he wants an invitation letter. I am honestly completely ignorant to the workings of the immigration system and now that he understands that he has stopped talking about it. So we will see what happens with him. As for our other investigators, they aren't too positive but as always we are looking for more.

Lately I have learned, or rather, come to understand what kind of control we have over our lives and the kind of results we can achieve. Sometimes it is hard to believe but we have in our control a lot more than what we think; we just have to take the initiative and avoid discouragement. In the mission I have found myself blaming my failures and trials on my circumstances. Yet I realize now that it has all been up to me. As of right now I am making it a goal to take the initiative and not to be something that is constantly acted upon. I invite you all to strive to do the same. Gracias al sacrificio expiatorio de Cristo todo esto es posible! Halelluja! -Elder Davis

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