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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Beach!

Hey Guys! 

I am excited to tell you that I have now seen the Pacific Ocean from Guatemalan shores! For p'day today we hit a coastal town called Champerico, had some fun on the beach and ate amazing sea food... Man I love just cant get over how good it was... While I was there I met some incredibly humble fishermen and had a good experience talking to them about the church. I was humbled as they described to me the sad state of western Guatemala's habitats and the affect it has had on the general welfare of the people economically and otherwise. All in all it was a good bit of salty fun.

This week was rough due to the fact that we had to drop several investigators that aren't keeping their commitments. Their names will be waiting in the area book. Leaving investigators is one of the most difficult parts of the mission for me but it is completely necessary in order to progress. On a happier note we have found several very positive new contacts by simply talking with everyone that we can.

Also, I now have a big-juicy resume builder... I have built a house out of currugated metal... My latest convert Esther and her family wanted to build a new house since the original was very small. So we organized the project with the men of the branch and got to work. It all turned out well, the sad part is that only two of the 6 capable members showed up... so it took longer than it should of but we had a good time and the sister was happy.

Well that's the tidbit for this week. I would like to write a bit more but I am out of time unfortunately. The church is true and in Christ we are all made alive. #hallelujah 

-Elder Davis

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