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Monday, March 21, 2016

Post Number 42 from Elder Davis

As a mission we received the shocking news today that one of our late assistants (RM) was shot and killed this week. The whole mission is shocked by the news given that the elder was loved by all. Elder Fifita will be very missed. Although in times like these the knowledge we have of God's plan gives us the comfort that he's not gone; but rather simply getting back to the mission grind on the other side. This incident serves us all as a reminder of the delicacy of our lives and the sense of urgency in which we should live. (Alma 5)

Since I arrived to the mission the president has really put an emphasis on humility and has warned us over and over again of the consequences of pride. I have always enjoyed the messages that he has given on the topic but haven't really had a rough run in with pride until recently. The district is having a hard time right now and is lacking in motivation. Some want transfers, others are homesick, and the rest just don't want to conform to mission life...the adversity is really bringing the pride out in the open and it's not hard to see that we are not achieving much because of it. Thanks to the many experiences I am having here in Guatemala i am learning many very valuable life lessons and gaining a better understanding of the commandments of God. They are difficult to understand but they are all for our benefit and freedom, not our restriction. The commandment to be humble is so important and I can promise you all that humility can open so many positive venues in our lives. The sad part is that sometimes you have to fall on your face for the lessons God teaches us so clearly sink in... I wasn't necessarily the one to fall in this circumstance, but when the ship hits a reef just about everyone on board gets tossed about. All in all I am doing what I can to help the district but one of the ugliest attributes of pride is that it us incredibly stubborn and doesn't like to listen... and Latino pride does not like it when the gringo gets in the way...and I am the only gringo in the district.

The bright-side is that transfers are coming up and I believe that I will be leaving Pueblo Nuevo. I will miss the area and the people (especially Esther and her family) but I am ready for a change. I really hope they send me to a place where people like the missionaries, at least a little bit, considering that everyone thinks that we are a bunch of lying thieves here. Literally. I am praying that I will get sent to a place where my loving nature will be well received.

At the moment we are working hard to find prepared people. We are going to the farthest reaches of our area in search of them, the hard part will be getting them to church on Sunday. However, we have high hopes in the farther reaches of our areas.

Well thats the piece this week. I am learning a lot and deepening my testimony with every experience. I love you all and, of course, the Church is true. -Elder Davis

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