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Monday, January 9, 2017


Today I complete 20 years, or two decades, of life. It feels weird. I have even got some white hairs to show for it... I got a pretty good birthday gift because we went to the Cataratas La Igualdad which was a lot of fun and right up my ally.

This Sunday was a great one because we had the Perez family in church and priesthood named Valdemar. The family is very poor and they live in a distant village, nonetheless they payed their tithing and accepted to be baptized the 21st! It will be tough though because the path leading to their village is being worked on and will be out of commission for 2 months. Therefore they will have to walk a long ways in order to attend, but they have the desire, so I have faith that they will make the sacrifice.

The other family that I told you about last week isn't progressing much right now because the father (Jose) is working in Mexico with his oldest son. Yet, two of his kids (Jorge 14 and Reyes 12) were able to attend with us.

The members are motivated and working hard with us; our mission leader is especially pilas and has taught us a lot and given some great referrals. Lets just hope that it keeps up. ( He took some pics that I will send you next week.)

The work is going well and I am happy. Take advantage of every moment and embrace whatever may come your way. It all has a purpose. The Church is true! -Elder Davis

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