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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Latest from Elder Davis

The Baptism this last Tuesday was a success. Saudi, the handicapped girl, broke down crying before the ordinance. I pulled her aside and she told me that she felt afraid to fail and wasn't going to be baptized, however, after a few of inspired words she decided to go forward with the baptism. Phew... Now we just have to keep them in the church. They have been wanting us to come over everyday to visit and eat, yet we simply don't have time because they live 45 minutes away and there isn't a bus after 4:30. The difficulty is that here a rejected invitation, no matter how justified, is a huge lack of respect. So I am having a bit of a hard time with that because my comp is completely fine with being there all the time and does a good job of making me the bad guy when I tell them that we can't make it. I also have to be extremely careful because Eidy (30 something) told me she is in love with me... and touches me a lot.

Today we had a joint p-day with 2 other zones. I saw a lot of other friends I have made in my previous zones and had some good fun. I also enjoyed a good American-style meal of a hotdog with chili-nachos. hallelujah 

So my comp and I had a good inventory and I put all of things I wanted us change in the air... afterwords he just kept doing the same things, like asking every person we visit to let him check his Facebook or listen to inappropriate music... The hardest part is that when I tell him not to do it the people just think I am being a jerk. I talked to him about it again yesterday and he said that I need to learn to enjoy the mission...and not be racist. I still dont understand how wanting to obey has anything to do with racism, but what can I do. Whenever the Latinos have problems with their north-American comps they just about always pull the racism card.

We just lost power and the computers are turning off one by one... photos next week... Love you all! -Elder Davis

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