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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elder Davis Email 4

Guatemala City
La Gente de Rexburg  y mis otros amigos... Life is on the the same monotonous roll her in the CCM. Yet... I had a glimpse of the outside world yesterday. I was able to take a little field trip to the Immigration Office here in the city yesterday. The whole ordeal took a solid two hours and gave me the chance to see some things. People drive like maniacs here and we have already witnessed several accidents in front of the CCM. Anyway... back to my trip. At the Immigration Office, some other missionaries and I made a contact. We got his info, talked about the Book of Mormon, and sang some hymns. MOM! I dont even wanna hear it! We drove through some really beautiful vegetation and saw a whole lot of people weilding shotguns... All of the gas stations hear are protected by armed guards. In fact there is a gas station behind the CCM and we heard gun shots the other day. What a beautiful place this is.  A presidential election is coming up in September and there are a lot of demonstrations going on, otherwise we would have gone to the central market today. Instead we ate Pizza Hut... poor substitute, but I can't complain. 

Sickness here in the "prison" spreads like wildfire, around half of the inmates here got a bad stomach bug... The President calls it Moctezuma´s revenge. That made me laugh. Until  I got it...

They recalibrated the computers here so the buttons actually do what they say they do, but it's still a Spanish keyboard so... the buttons are all in different places than I am used to. On the computers we use a language program called TALL. When you exit the program  it serenades you with some angelic chords... it keeps me sane. Once I get into the field I will be able to use the Ipod dad prepared for me... THANK YOU DAD! Yet, in the mean time Ive been using Matthews trumpet dealio and jamming out to my own jazz. 

I received a lot of inspiration in the temple today and I have a positive outlook on these last two weeks in the CCM. I really didn't give enough credit to the power of prayer before I left... Wow. We have devotional tonight coming live from Provo, I hear its a general authority... like a big one! so, I am excited, I am literally fueled on the spirit here, once the spirit creeps away... thats when it really gets rough. So I try to get as much of it as I can from the temple and the devos each week. We have had two 70´s come in the last little while, and both have been awesome! 

Both have been fairly open discussions and question based meetings. One of them told me that my thoughts on a topic were "profound"... That had been a rough day so the Lord was just giving me a pick me up. Man I love the spirit.

I have got a few of the Elders in my district using Hoopy-Raumpy... you called it dad.

The Latinos that come through the CCM only have two weeks here, and its sad to see them leave each time because we get close. For some reason though, each group is told by someone... I don't know who... that it's my my birthday on one of their last days here, and a group of them storms my room on that night and beat me with their belts. Its friendly of course, but I am always having to stay on my toes. How this began... I have no idea.

Matthew... your insane... I love it.

I would love to write some more personal emails, but yet again, I am out of time...

I want to get into the field so bad! Yet the MTC, luckily, is going really quick. I love you all and the church is so freakin true its not even funny. 

Hasta 2017!

Elder Davis

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