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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dear... whoever's reading. 

This has been a good week and spirits are high. I have found the more positive I am and the more faith I carry with me... the better my Spanish is. In other words, its coming! -- slowly but surely. As for my companion, things are improving, and as for patience, that is coming as well, which is a very good but hard thing. I have always been afraid to confront problems I have with people, and that is something I am improving with here as well. I am becoming a much more forthright person and that is helping me out a lot. My knowledge of the scriptures, the nature of God, and my calling is growing all of the time with my testimony. My district is good, but unfortunately there are allot of carry-overs from high school and the insincerity I feel from many of the missionaries here puts a bad taste in my mouth. Yet, that is simply a bi-product of humanity, and I try not to dwell on it. At the end of every two weeks we get a new district leader, meaning I have been released. Aside from what I have told you, not much has changed in my prison of preparation. The view of the mountains here keeps me going. Man am I happy to be a Missionary!        

-Love you all, Elder Davis

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