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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Elder Davis, Week one Guatemala CCM (MTC)

Guatemala CCM (from the Internet)
From Elder Davis, 

Many of the keys either don't work or require special combinations... so bear with me. 

As for my travels everything went well and I am safely in Guatemala City. The city is beautiful but I
don't get to leave the complex... so it already feels like a prison. The food in the MTC or  CCM is good. I wish they served more traditional Guatemalan food, but beggars can't be choosers, right. I
get to drink lots of fruit juices though, and as you can imagine the fruit is really good. I went to the temple this morning and had a great experience there. 

My companion is Elder Bucheger or Boo-hager. He is nice, but a difficult companion. He questions everything I say and doesn't listen to my study advise with the language... thus he is falling behind and making it difficult to complete our Spanish/ gospel assignments. We are working on it though and hopefully things improve.

I haven't ever considered myself a prideful person in the past but I am definitely humble now... I realize just how much I need the Lord in my life everyday. This is especially the case with Spanish, IT WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME! Not really, but it is extremely difficult. Although, I have seen a lot of improvement in just a week. It is difficult not to compare myself to others but I am making it I priority that I break that habit. 

I have made lots of Latino friends here... They all want my ties. I cant wait to get into the field. From the few experiences I have had with the locals I already know I will love them. I have only cried a few times since my arrival and most of it has been for Isaac... I found one of hist toys in my bag!? It must have fallen in at some point, but it has become my good luck charm, and guess what... I sleep with it every night. 

The spirit is very strong here if you let it in and I am already seeing the importance of obedience and it's affect on my progression. I cant wait until I'm jabbering off Spanish with the locals in Retalhuleu...Oh! and I am district leader of my whopping 10 missionary district called Mateo. I instigated a testimony session in district meeting last night and felt the spirit like crazy!!! I now feel much closer to them all and look forward to being with them for the next 5 weeks. 

Make sure to tell mom and Jenna good luck for me and Emrie, that I love and miss her. I love You all so much! Give Matthews kids all big hugs for me. I Want Isaac, especially, to know that my love for him es muy muy grande and that I know that he will an amazing young man when I get back. 

Im not allowed to have a camera at the CCM, so no pictures for 5 weeks...Again, I love you all and will right you again next week.

-Elder Christopher Davis

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