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Monday, August 24, 2015

First Email from the Field

(PR video from San Pablo Guatemala)

Tuc Tuc



Hola cual quien persona esta escuchando,

El campo es la mejor y mi compaƱero es lo mismo. My entrenador is Elder Cancino de Veracruze Mexico, Obviously he is Latino, but he speaks pretty good English. Yet I don't hear it much because I made him promise to speak only Spanish with me. My Spanish is growing rapidly here in the field, immersion is really doing its work. My first area is a tiny town called San Pablo in the foot-hills of northern Guatemala. It reminds me of Valladolid, Mexico (Yucatan). It is absolutely beautiful. The view of the moutains and volcanoes is spectacular. San pablo is incredibly poor, most of the houses are currugated metal some wood, and possibly some concrete. Yet the people seem so happy. I can't decide what is more beautiful about Guatemala, the luscious mountains and jungle, or the people. Beautiful in spirit of course... dont you worry. Its a really good thing I like the traditional food... because there is allot of it. I had the opportunity to try cocao at a menos activos house yesterday, fue muy rico! You will have to look it up, its a lot different than what you would expect. I am trying new fruits and foods all the time. One of my favorite things is Licha.  

As for Investigators, things are going well, I have a feeling that we will have a lot of success. My first investigator experience was interesting...  my comp took me to the hut of a progressing investigator to follow up on some commitments and share a message... he was drunk out of his mind and put his fists up as if to fight me. After calming down he told us he liked Alma and passed out on the ground. Its was new, but I am completely used to drunks now. I am still getting you used to all of the breast-feeding moms...everywhere. We have 14 progressing investigators right now, 10  new since my first day. We were only able to get 4 to church this Sunday unfortunately. I especially like teaching other young people, they connect with my spiritual vibe a little more quickly than the middle aged do. I love the elderly as well. I dont know exactly what I did to deserve it, but the children here love me... a little to much I think. This is especially the case with those in the ward... but I can't say I don't enjoy it. My companion and I have some investigators outside of the town. To get to them we pretty much hitch-hike in the back of a dudes pick-up for a few quetz... it's a beautiful mountain road to the village, and while on the way we passed a few waterfalls. The village is buried in thick forest and loaded with chickens and pigs. While contacting and teaching I have had the privilege to meet a ton of Mayans. They are all over the place and speak their native dialects a lot. I love it. 

The public transportation here is interesting, and really fun. The buses are all independently owned and the competition for passengers is nuts. We call it bus wars. Look up Guatemala buses and tuc tucs... its pretty cool. Matthew would like how personalized a lot of them are... spikes and all. Being a Gringo in a sea of Latinos has its ups and downs... most really like me. Yet others do not, today for example, while riding in a tuc tuc I was plastered by a saucy tamale. 

Well, in conclusion, my Spanish is coming along and I love my companion. The spirit is strong and the people are amazing. Not to mention Guatemala is incredibly beautiful. I hate to tease you and not provide any pictures, but I forgot my cord at the apartment. The pictures don't really do it justice anyway. If you can't tell already I am having the time of my life here, and I am ecstatic to be here serving the Lord's sheep here in San Pablo, Guatemala. Dont worry about me and dont take functional toilets and solidity for granted. 

-Elder Davis

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