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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Es preciso Que haya una oposición en todas las cosas...

This week was a bit tough for finding new investigators, but the ones we found I am sure will progress. Some of them couldn't attend church on Sunday due to family members that told them that they would be possessed by demons if they attended church, but instead of discouraging them it made them want to attend even more.  We have an apointment with that family on Tuesday, we hope it goes well. We also were workinjg with another young mother that has a very tough past and was searching for the truth. We had a great lesson with her and she commited to show up to church on Sunday, but then her Father-in-Law (the owner of the house she lives in) told her that she could no longer recieve us in his home. We are going to see if we can teach her in a members house. Other than that we have some other very positive people that are progressing, but slowly.

My comp and I get along great. I have already got him making my noises ( as I have done with all of my comps but one...). He is a good missionary but has had some bad influences from the missionaries that served in his home ward, and therefore doesn't see much wrong in breaking the rules, I just hope I am being a good example.

Well thats about it for this week. The church is true.

Much love, 
Elder Davis

P.S. Machetes give you bad blisters...

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