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Monday, May 22, 2017

Still alive... barely...

This week flew by and was full of victorias and setbacks as most weeks in the mission. The zone at the beginning had many baptismal dates that seemed to be secured. By the time Saturday came around a couple had fallen but the majority were met. All week we were in a trio with one of the District leaders and had to run around like chickens to get all of the investigators interviewed. It has also been raining a ton, therefore we have been getting drenched just about every day.

We had a very cool experience baptizing Oscar, a diabetic man who, due to his diabetes, is missing a leg and losing his eyesight. We baptized him in a river, and getting him to and fro and carrying out the ordinance was a memorable experience. I wasn't the one who baptized, rather I got the man in and out of the water, and kept him from being swept away by the river as he was baptized. This brother has a lot of faith and has made huge changes in his life, interviewing him was especially cool.

We also baptized the two children of the less active family that we have been working with. In the same baptismal service a 30-year.old sister was baptized, and whereas she was a bigger lady, the font was pretty full. When the two kids got in the water the water was up to their shoulders. The nice thing is that baptizing them was pretty darn easy thanks to that.

This week I have reflected a lot about perseverance and the importance of being persevering. Christ was persevering, so we should be to, it brings many blessing. It is not an easy attribute to develop, I am working on it, but i know that it is one that will serve me throughout eternity.

-Elder Davis

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